Some Starlink customers say SpaceX's customer service is 'non-existent' nearly 1 year after paying a $100 deposit and receiving no updates

Morgan was trying to set up broadband for his father, who lives on a cattle ranch.

Two months after signing up for Starlink, he paid a $100 deposit to secure the service.

He told Insider that months went by without a peep.

If he took back his deposit, he could lose his place in line. He said that there was no contact number for Starlink on the website.

He requested a refund after 10 months of waiting for the internet.

"I think he's a smart man, but I think his customer service for Starlink was not very good," he said.

Insider spoke to people who have been waiting for Starlink's internet service. They haven't received any information from Musk's company on when Starlink will be available in their area or if the kit is on its way.

From February onwards, they sent Insider email confirmations of their Starlink purchases.

A few days before publication, the company didn't respond to Insider's request for comment.

In March, he paid $100 to secure Starlink, but in December he requested a refund because of the lack of contact from the company.
He said that when he logs onto his account, it says his deposit was returned. He said he didn't get the money back, and that he couldn't get through to the company to alert them of the issue.

He felt cheated out of his deposit. He was not sure how a company could walk away with money from a customer.

Scott Alexander told Insider that he has been waiting for his Starlink kit for nearly a year.
He said that since then he has heard nothing but a generic excuse email that has been noted of supply chain issues.

Last year, the company apologized to Starlink customers for shipping delays and said that Silicon shortages had slowed down the production rate.

Alexander said his neighbor ordered Starlink three weeks before him.

In August, Starlink said that the global chip shortage was delaying the production of user terminals.

Bosse, who paid a deposit for Starlink on February 25, told Insider that his order was pushed back to the first quarter of 2022.

"Seems like if they can go to space they could at least send me an update via email?" Bosse said.

In Canada, Troy Dubé paid 129 Canadian dollars for a Starlink deposit, but still hasn't had any contact from the company. He told Insider that Bell Canada is now available in his area, so "it'll be a matter of who gets me the faster service first."

After other people on the same line near him received their Starlink kits eight months after he first ordered them, Dubé said it would be useful to contact the company.

Dubé said he had little choice but to wait.

Insider got in touch with more than five other customers who said they had experienced the same silence after ordering Starlink. Insider reported in September that customers were frustrated because they didn't know when they'd receive their kits.

Starlink has more than 1,400 satellites in the sky.