Mark Magsayo pulls upset to halt Gary Russell Jr.'s long WBC featherweight title reign

The time is 12:48 AM.

The longest active run by a male titleholder is over.

Mark Magsayo defeated Gary Russell Jr. by a majority decision on Saturday night in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to take away Russell's title after seven years.

"This is my dream come true," Magsayo said after the fight. This is a dream I have had since I was a child.

Russell entered Saturday as the longest-reigning current male champion in boxing, having held the title since March 28, 2015, when he recorded a technical knockout of Jhonny Gonzalez.

Russell's reign was not very active. He fought five times between winning the title and then losing it on Saturday, including a break of almost two years from his win over Tugstsogt. Russell has not fought more than once in a year.

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Russell's time as champion ended with him not at full strength because he believed he had a torn rotator cuff, something he felt two weeks ago. Russell said that he may need surgery for an old injury that happened before the 2008 Olympics. He threw fewer jabs in a fight. He was avoiding throwing punches with his right arm.

Russell said he fought with one arm after the fight. He had his hands full with the fighter. I taught him a boxing lesson.

Russell will request a second chance. He said he still gave Magsayo a boxing match despite his injury, and that he fought because "that's what true champions do."

Magsayo, from the Philippines, said he tried to take advantage of Russell's injury during the later rounds.

In the fight, Magsayo threw 203 jabs. In power punches, Magsayo out-threw and out-landed Russell. Magsayo landed 140 power punches, while Russell landed 58.

Russell was evasive enough to avoid many of Magasyo's attempts at damaging him, but it was clear that he was fighting one-handed.

Magsayo was aggressive through the majority of the fight, except for a few rounds that kept Russell in the fight.

Magsayo came out strong in the first two rounds, forcing Russell to step back multiple times. He was more powerful, landing 26 power punches to Russell's seven.

This win makes Magsayo the latest champion from the Philippines, and he was welcomed to the club and "brought honor to our country by becoming the latest Filipino world boxing champion."

Magsayo said she was so proud. I am a champion now.