American Airlines Capitulates To Flight Attendants

The American Airlines flight attendants union wants the airline to cut service levels for passengers because they don't want to work.

Coming into closer contact with passengers is what service means.
Passengers may bring their own masks, but eating and drinking means more time with masks off.

The union asked for reduced beverage service in coach on all flights. JonNYC highlighted that American has more or less agreed. January 26

The first class will serveappetizer, salad, and soup at the same time. Business class will not be changed. The coach will get drinks at the same time as the meals.
Domestically, there are no changes to first class, but passengers will have to request a second beverage service on flights of 1500 miles or more.

The picture is partial.
Jon NYC January 21, 2022.

This is an odd decision.

Cross country flights won't get a second drink. If a customer wants it, they will have closer contact with flight attendants, walking back to the galley, or flight attendants responding to call buttons.
American said this week that they aren't eliminating first class but then a day later eliminate the meal service flow difference.
The flight attendants union doesn't encourage flight attendants to wear masks or distribute better masks. Close contact with other crew members is the biggest concern of flight attendants.
Crew are not being told not to go out to restaurants. The union is not asking the airline to stop sharing bus transportation to crew hotels. They aren't trying to keep flight attendants away from crowded spaces they are asking for less work in.
American has been giving incentives to employees to get away from vaccinations. If they hadn't been doing this, there wouldn't be as much risk to cabin crew and they would be in a better position to deliver the product customers are paying for.
They won't be cutting back distribution of infight credit card applications despite the need to reduce touch points.

You may be thirsty on your next American Airlines flight. Plan accordingly.

They want single tray service in international business class and reduced beverage service in coach on flights. They say it's to keep flight attendants safe. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to give incentives to employees who got exemption from vaccinations.

January 19, 2022.


After the American Airlines earnings call on Thursday, a flight attendant asked about the return of inflight service for premium customers. She said the service would come back slowly.

October 25, 2020.


American Airlines reduced the number of flight attendants working on their aircraft during the Pandemic. The airline is keeping lower staffing levels because of the return of travel demand. The airline is restoring inflight service.

November 26, 2021.