The January 6 committee obtained a draft of post-insurrection White House remarks that said 'the election fight is over.' Trump gave a speech but left out that sentence.

The investigation into the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol is closing in on Trump's inner circle, and the House Select Committee sent a letter to Trump's daughter. Scott MacFarlane is a congressional correspondent for CBS News.

The Supreme Court will allow the transfer of records from the Trump White House.

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I only got 7 correct.

The White House clarified President Biden's position on Ukraine after an earlier press conference caused some confusion.

The Arizona Republic

Sinema's vote was calculated to win her re-election. Could Rep. Ruben Gallego ruin that?

Adam DeVine talked to E!. The God Squad and the group that inspired Kelvin's new followers were the subject of this news.

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One of the largest cases of election-related fraud in recent history could be in Florida.

'The Gilded Age' kicks off the Edith Wharton era if 'Downton' is the greatest story Evelyn Waugh never told.

Voting legislation that Democrats and civil rights leaders say is vital to protecting democracy collapsed when two senators refused to join their own party in changing Senate rules to overcome a Republican filibuster after a raw, emotional debate. The result was a stinging defeat for President Joe Biden and his party, coming at the end of a tumultuous first year in office. Democrats could not get holdout senators to change the Senate procedures on this one bill, despite a day of piercing debate and speeches that often carried echoes of an earlier era when the Senate filibuster was deployed by opponents of civil rights legislation.

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The Super Bowl 56 will be played in the year 2022, and the playoffs will continue with four games and two championship games. The San Francisco 49ers will play at the Green Bay Packers while the Cincinnati Bengals will play at the Tennessee Titans. The Los is in theNFC.

The family of four were left alone in the middle of a snowstorm and died from exposure to cold weather.

The Arizona Republic

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann wants to know if public records are being stored at a data center.

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A federal judge on Thursday rejected an effort by a spokesman for former President Trump to get his financial records back.

Hopes of a fourthStimulus check hitting bank accounts fade as lawmakers pour their energy into partisan squabbles. UBI is a check from the government that is sent in regular intervals. UBI was proposed as a matter of justice, not charity, by political activist Thomas Paine around 1796.

James welcomes Josh and Dakota Johnson, who are constantly discovering embarrassing photos of themselves posted by her parents. Josh shared that he recently made his daughters wait in lines to have a "normal" Disneyland experience and Dakota recalled the time her mother embarrassed her in front of her crush. Dakota explains how she ended up tattooing her "The Lost Daughter" costar, and Josh shares an "uncanny" impression of "Alistair".

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The characters in The Golden Girls are thought to be between the ages of 47 and 55, while the women in And Just Like That... are thought to be between the ages of 54 and 55.

The state is on the downslope of the Omicron spike as the rapid spread of the coronaviruses appears to be decelerating.

Austin American-Statesman.

Plans for Mirador include 2,500 single- family lots, 1,500 apartments and townhomes, and 75 acres of commercial space.

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Nobody expected the Dahm Triplets to get the results of a DNA test on live TV.

The university's president said that the revocation of the degrees would allow them to lead with truth and integrity.

There are 3 candidates emerging as names to watch in the Bears' head coach search.

I've never been accused of something like this before. "It's not nice," McConnell said after being slammed for his comments.