Gov. DeSantis Still Refuses To Say If He's Received Vaccine Booster—Even After Criticism From Trump

Donald Trump said last week politicians who wouldn't disclose if they have had a third vaccine dose are "gutless", an apparent jab at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, one of his strongest allies.

President Donald Trump looks on as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speaks.

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The choice to receive the third shot is a private matter, and that's why he declined to answer if he had received a booster shot.

He said he didn't want people to use vaccine status as a weapon, and that Florida politicians have worked hard to keep people from losing their jobs based on which vaccine they received.

He received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in April, but has refrained from saying if he will get a booster, and has become less supportive of vaccines in public statements.

During an interview on the right wing One America News Network, Trump said that politicians who refuse to reveal their vaccination status aregutless, and that they should be open about getting a booster shot. During the early days of the Pandemic, there was a rare break between the two former allies as the Trump administration ordered lockdowns. The feud stems from the Florida governor's refusal to rule out a presidential run in 2024 even if Trump is up for reelection.
As tensions grow with the ex-president, he regrets not opposing the lockdown calls.

Trump Slams DeSantis? He criticized politicians who wouldn't share their benefits.