Meet the secretive Greek military unit that NATO Special Operations HQ just rated as 'combat ready' and 'exceptional'

The chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff is with members of Greece's Special Paratroopers Section. The person is Konstantinos Floros.

NATO's Special Operations Forces Headquarters gave Greece's tier-one special-operations unit top marks in December.

The Special Paratrooper Section is only intended for the most important and difficult operations.

The US's Delta Force and the US's Seals are among the elite special-operations powerhouses.

NATO's highest readiness qualification was received by a little-known Greek special-operations unit.

NATO evaluators traveled to Greece to evaluate the country's elite special operators.

The Special Paratroopers Section, (), the tier-one special-operations unit of the Hellenic Army, passed with top marks and achieved the highest possible rating.

Top marks.

The members of Greece's Special Paratroopers are training. The person is Konstantinos Floros.

The Greek special-operations unit was assessed by a committee. Foreign internal defense, direct action, and special reconnaissance were evaluated by the NATO testers.

Using all of their skills and techniques, the ETA special operators were able to perform a wide range of missions.

The whole unit took part in the evaluation, as well as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological warfare, and Nuclear element that was attached to ETA.

The performance of ETA was described as exceptional by the committee, meaning that the Greeks can now join the NATO Special Operations Land Task Group.

The chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff and a special operator, Gen. Constantine Floros, said in a statement that he was proud of the unit's performance in the evaluation by the NATO Special Operations HQ.

The Special Paratrooper Section has achieved the Level 3 rating, which makes them part of a very exclusive club.

A secretive special-operations unit.

Greece's Special Paratroopers Section. Gen. The person is Konstantinos Floros.

The British Special Air Service is modeled on the ETA.

The Greek special-operations unit is made up of six teams. Two teams specialize in military free-fall parachute operations, two teams specialize in combat diving, and two teams specialize in mountain warfare.

One of the smallest special-operations units in the Greek military is the ETA.

Even though it's part of the Hellenic Army, the ETA can operate in all war-fighting domains, including land, sea, and air.

It's intended for the most difficult and important operations. It is always on stand-by for a deployment anywhere in Greece.

American Green Berets from the 10th Special Forces Group, Navy SEALs from SEAL Team 5, Navy Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen from Special Boat Team 20, and Air Commandos from the 321st Special Tactics Squadron all train with ETA special operators.

One of the operators of the ETA was killed during a military free-fall jump in 2020. The unit was on high alert when the death occurred during a period of extremely heightened tensions with Turkey, which was sparked by Ankara's threats to conduct illegal underwater surveys inside the Greek and Cyprus exclusive economic zone.

A resurgence of special-operations.

The members of Greece's Special Paratroopers are training. The person is Konstantinos Floros.

The Greek Airborne School was associated with the creation of ETA.

The unit was tasked with rapid deployment behind enemy lines in order to conduct unconventional warfare and harass an enemy force. The unit moved to a new base in the early 2000s, assuming a slightly bigger footprint and doubling down on military free-fall operations.

The NATO Special Operations Coordination Center (NSCC) was created in 2006 to coordinate NATO's special-operations capability.

The NSCC was replaced in 2010 by the NSCHQ, which is charged with advising and synchronizing the activities of NATO special-operations units and developing capabilities to deal with and deter non-state and near-peer threats. In addition to rating individual units, the NSHQ offers a wide range of courses for special operators and has facilities in several NATO countries.

NATO has gone through a resurgence of special-operations. Many of its members have professionalized their units.

The importance of NATO's special-operations community was highlighted by the commander of US Special Operations Command.

"As threats to peace continue to evolve, we must open up the full potential of our allies and partners to respond." "We will continue to uphold our promise to NATO and to the alliance regardless of the threat."

A defense journalist specializing in special operations, a Hellenic Army veteran, and a graduate of the University of Baltimore, are some of the things that Stavros Atlamazoglou is.

The original article is on Business Insider.

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The Defence Minister said on Thursday that Spain has sent warships to join NATO naval forces in the Mediterranean and Black Sea. A mine-sweeper is en route and a frigate will sail within a few days, Robles told reporters. NATO will protect and defend the sovereignty of any country that wants to join NATO because Russia cannot tell them what to do, she said.

Russian officials said Tuesday that a number of troops from the country's far east will be sent to Belarus for war games.

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The ambassador of the United States to the Gulf state said that part of the attack was repelled by drones. It is the first time that the United States has claimed to have intercepted weapons, and the first time that missiles were used in an attack that killed three people. Four Quds cruise missiles were fired at an oil refinery in Musaffah district and the airport in Abu Dhabi, as well as several drones, according to the Houthis.

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A military court acquitted Robert Nicoson after he was accused of shooting at pro-Syrian regime forces in 2020.

There are troops on the border. The US and Ukraine are worried about a Russian invasion.

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Spain is sending warships to bolster NATO naval forces in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and is considering sending fighter jets to Bulgaria in order to deter Russian aggression. A mine-sweeper is on the way and will be sent within a few days, according to the Spanish Defense Minister. Russia's 100,000-troop build-up near the Strait of Gibraltar has caused fierce tensions between Spain and Russia.

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