American Airlines Reopening More Flagship Lounges

The lack of passengers and the need for updated policies caused airlines to close most of their lounges at the start of the Pandemic. Premium international lounges have remained closed due to lack of demand.

The process of reopening the Flagship Lounges began in the fall of 2021. There is a timetable for another Flagship Lounge reopening.

The American Flagship Lounges are reopening.

Two Flagship Lounges have already reopened, and a third will be reopening soon.

Flagship First Dining reopened in New York as of September 16, 2021.
The Flagship Lounge and Flagship First Dining reopened in Miami as of September 28, 2021.
The Flagship Lounge is reopening in Los Angeles.

The American Flagship Lounge is in Miami.

The plan was for all Flagship Lounges to reopen last fall, but that hasn't happened and there is no timetable for further lounge reopenings. Here are American's other Flagship Lounges and Flagship First Dining facilities.

The first dining establishment in New York was American Flagship.

The James Beard Foundation has a new lounge.

I don't find that airlines with celebrity chefs have better food. I want airlines to spend money on improving food, rather than spending money on having well known chefs endorse what is being served in a lounge.

The James Beard Foundation is partnering with the airline to bring celebrated chefs to the lounges. Each location has a different local chef with offerings that are exclusive to their hometown lounge. You can expect that.

Tiffany Derry is a chef.
The JFK lounge has a chef at it.
Chef Timon Balloo is at the lounge.
The chef is at the lounge.
Chef Brandon Kida is at the lounge.

Who can visit Flagship Lounges?

What are the access restrictions for the Flagship Lounge? Passengers can visit Flagship Lounges.

Concierge Key members, and non-American AAdvantage and non-Alaska Mileage Plan oneworld members, on any American or oneworld flight.
Those on business and first class itineraries.
AAdvantage Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum Pro, AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Mileage Plan Gold, and Mileage Plan MVP Gold are 75K members on eligible itineraries.
On any itinerary, access can be purchased for $150.

The American Flagship Lounge is in Chicago.

Flagship Lounges can be accessed via first and business class itineraries. The following are included.

Between the US and Asia.
Between the US and Australia.
Between the US and Europe.
Between the US and New Zealand.
Between the US and South America.
Between New York and Los Angeles.
Between New York and San Francisco.
Between New York and Orange County.
Between Los Angeles and Miami.
Between Dallas and Honolulu.
Between Dallas and Kona.
Between Dallas and Maui.
Between Chicago and Honolulu.
Between Charlotte and Honolulu.

Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and South America are all eligible destinations for Flagship Lounge access for Alaska Mileage Plan and American AAdvantage elites not traveling in first and business class.

The American Flagship Lounge is in Los Angeles.

The gradual reopening of Flagship Lounges is continuing. The Flagship First Dining at JFK and MIA will be opening next week.

There are no further updates about American opening Flagship Lounges at ORD and DFW.

What do you think about American reopening Flagship Lounges?

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