Woman refuses mask on flight to London. So, the pilot took her back to Florida

A passenger on an American Airlines flight from Miami to London refused to wear a face mask and the flight returned to Miami. The woman was escorted off the plane by police at Miami International Airport. The American Airlines staff dealt with the passenger administratively, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department.

American Airlines said that Flight AAL38 returned to Florida due to a disruptive customer.

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The Florida woman said that the flight attendant told her "we don't care" when she showed her medical-exemption card.

John Deere had a record profit in 2021, as the global Pandemic made consumers and countries more reliant on a functioning agricultural sector. John Deere was forced to give better compensation to the men and women who make its products after unionized workers demanded a piece of the company's growing pie.

According to The Washington Post, America News anchor Christina Bobb assisted Rudy Giuliani on the Trump campaign's plan to submit rival Republican elector slates to affirm then- President Donald Trump's victory in five states.


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Robinson asked for a delay until her attorney could be present, since her sentencing is pending in her federal criminal case.

"Super common before but not now."

Police were called to the airport's international terminal after receiving reports of a person with two guns.

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The countries that are ranked the most peaceful in the world are the ones we wanted to celebrate.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

A felony charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted out-of-state felon was the only charge against Ellis before Thursday.

After she was asked to put on more clothing for a flight, she posted a playful jab on her account.

There are eight teams left in the Super Bowl. We're backing the Packers to cover the spread.

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An American Airlines flight en route to London from Miami was forced to turn around about an hour into the trip due to a passenger refusing to comply with the federal mask requirement. Su.

Travelers are being advised by the public health agency to rethink their vacation plans.

Police say that the go kart boogie boarder has been identified.

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A special grand jury is being requested by the district attorney in Fulton County, Ga., who is looking into former President Donald Trump's attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

There are things that can't be hidden. In a legal blow for Donald Trump, the Supreme Court has cleared the way for presidential records dating from his time in office to be turned over to a House committee. Over 800 pages of information from the panel were sought to be shielded by Trump through his lawyers. But in a decision of 8-1.

The lawyers for the Trump Organization argue that the CEO didn't have a big role in preparing the financial documents.


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Americans do weird things that they don't know is weird.

Everyone gets a mask. I know I might be considered "in active" after almost 2 years of a Pandemic, but is the Earth also becoming "in active"? Wednesday's news is it.

The comfort and privacy of long-haul train travel were not worth the longer trip for Insider's reporter.

Willie Gay Jr., a second-year player for the Chiefs, was arrested Wednesday night. The Buffalo Bills will play the Chiefs in the playoffs on Sunday.