Chill index could be 'high risk' for USMNT World Cup qualifying match vs. El Salvador


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Alex Pareja is a member of the Futbol Americas team. There is a time and a place for this.

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The United States will play El Salvadoran in Columbus, Ohio, on January 27 at a starting temperature of 25 degrees.

Walker thinks winter weather is a great opportunity for him and his teammates. He remembered watching the Snow Clasico, a victory over Costa Rica during a snowstorm in Commerce City, Colorado.

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The player said he was talking to his wife over the break. I was like, you know what? I want it to be cold. I want it to be warm. I want snow. I want to be a part of something that I remember as a child. That's exciting to me. The guys are ready to embrace the cold. It will be a great environment for us fans.

The temperature in Columbus next Thursday will be between 24 and 26 degrees with a 40% chance of snow showers and winds from the west at 4 to 14 mph. There is a 10% chance of snow for the 3 p.m. start of the game against Canada at Hamilton, Ontario.

There is a forecast for the Honduras game in February. There is a 30% chance of snow and a wind speed of 14 mph.

Paul Arriola said after training in Phoenix that they have full confidence in the staff to prepare them.

We have our responsibilities as professional players and players on the national team to be as prepared as possible. Most of the players on the team have done it before, and I think it's an opportunity for us.

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It's called PTS.

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1 - Canada.




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3 - Mexico.




4 - Panama.




5 - Costa Rica.




6 - Jamaica.




7 - El Salvador.




8 - Honduras.




4 into the playoffs.

Berhalter expects a home-field advantage when he announces his roster Saturday.

"If it's tough for us, and we have guys playing in Europe in cold weather, what's it going to be like for Honduras?" he asked.

Under Recognize to Recover, announced by the USSF in December 2015, a wind chill temperature index of the type forecast includes a "recommended action'' to "consider modifying activity to limit exposure and allow for more frequent chances to re-warm.''

Moderate risk for cold-related illness is defined as a 19 wind chill, which is orange on the USSF index, when the temperature is 25 degrees.

The USSF recommends to provide additional clothing, cover as much exposed skin as practical, and provide opportunities and facilities for re-warming.

If the wind increases to 10 mph and the wind chill drops to 15, the index would be in the red zone. The alert level would be black if the temperature dropped to 15 degrees and the wind increased to 10 mph.

Cancel or attempt to move activities indoors is the recommendation for that level.

The sites of home for the qualified. Nicholas Noble, spokesman for the regional governing body of North and Central America and Caribbean Association Football, when asked about World Cup qualification in September said "CONCACAF does not manage or run these matches''.

Bryan Swanson did not reply to the email.

The venue selection was done by the event staff and coaching staff. The venues that are coming up are comfortable with their processes.

The fields in Columbus and St. Paul are heated, and the USSF said it is confident players will be protected from the elements. There is artificial turf at Tim Hortons Field.

Dr. George Chiampas, the USSF's chief medical officer and a member of FIFA's medical committee, said cold is easier to acclimatize to than heat and humidity. There will be heated benches and hand warmers.

Sebastian Lletget, who was traded from the LA Galaxy to the New England Revolution last month, thinks the qualification will help him get used to it.

Preparing for Major League Soccer's playoffs with the Revolution in November was beneficial for goalkeeper Matt Turner.

He said to "know that mentality and what it takes to succeed in those moments.'' It's embracing the cold for me. When I'm called into action, I have fun with it and keep up my focus. This is America. This is beautiful. In the same time of year, we can play in 90 degrees and in zero degrees. It's pretty cool.