Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are faced with a lack of space in their establishments. Often it is the bathroom that turns out to be the most modest and smallest. In order to fit not only a toilet bowl but also a sink, you have to choose the most compact models. In this article, we will find out what sizes a publicbathroom sink has and how you can choose the best option.

Design Features

The main distinguishing feature of these sinks is their size. Thanks to this, such items of sanitary ware can easily fit even in a very modest toilet, where there is no excess free space. Most sinks have a laconic and minimalist design that is not conspicuous and easily fits into any environment.

Modern sinks are made only of practical, durable, and wear-resistant materials that are not affected by temperature changes or moisture. Many well-known brands, such as those you can see on the following link (, produce quality sinks. Often, consumers face a wide range of reliable and attractive hand-washing basins, designed for installation in the toilet of small square footage.

Types of sinks

Sinks for the restroom come in many forms. We classified them according to their design, shape, and method of installation. Let's learn more about the existing varieties of such sanitary ware.


Today, this type of sink is very popular, as they have an aesthetic appearance. Such sanitary ware does not weigh the interior, does not create congestion, which is an important feature in conditions of small square footage.


The corner-type sinks are stylish and comfortable. It is an ideal solution for a cramped toilet, where there is almost no free space.

With a pedestal

If the square footage in the toilet allows, you can look at mini-sinks, supplemented by pedestals. The latter plays the role not only of support for the bowl of the sink but also disguises all the communications that are connected to the unit.