Choice Privileges Promo: Stay Twice, Earn 8,000 Points

Choice Privileges has launched a new promotion. If you were planning to stay at Choice, it is worth taking advantage of it.

Every two stays between January 18 and March 12th, Choice Privileges will give up to 8000 points. The basic terms to be aware of are:

You need to register before you check out of your first stay.
Only members with accounts in the US can participate in this promotion.
Depending on the number of base points earned from the two stays, members will be awarded a minimum of 5,000 bonus points and a maximum of 8,000 bonus points.
Only bookings made directly with Choice are eligible.
Choice Privileges points can be earned by booking stays at rates below 40USD per night, reward night stays, etc.
You have to set your earnings preference in order to qualify.
Points should be posted within 72 hours of the check-out.
The promotion excludes choice properties in Japan, Norway, Sweden, and other countries.

The Choice Privileges hotel is Hotel Petaluma.

Isn't this Choice promo for a gift card?

If you go to the promotion page, you will see that the deal is advertised as a $50 gas gift card after two stays.

I'm talking about earning points. After two stays, you earn at least 8,000 points. You can redeem them any way you want, even if you prefer a gift card or a free night.

Every so often Choice adjusts the marketing around its promotions. There is no requirement to redeem gift cards, but you can.

Choice promotions are unique.

Choice Privileges promotions are different from others in that the number of bonus points you earn depends on how many base points you earn for a stay.

The program will adjust the points you earn after two stays so that you have 8,000 points, which is the base points you earn.

If you made two one night stays that cost $100 each, you would earn 6,000 bonus points, which is 10 points per dollar spent. You can earn bonus points after two stays if you make them particularly expensive.

How much are Choice points?

I value Choice Privileges points at 0.6 cents each. You are getting a total of $24 worth of rewards per stay if I value 8000 points at $48.

Choice Privileges doesn't have an award chart, but it does have a range of award prices. Some properties in Asia-Pacific cost up to 75,000 points per night. Choice Privileges has a partnership with Preferred Hotels & Resorts, which is a group of over 500 luxury independent properties around the globe.

You can redeem Choice Privileges points for stays here, and the hotels cost anywhere from 25,000 to 55,000 points per night. You can find participating hotels and award costs here, but you have to call Choice Privileges to redeem points this way. You can redeem value at some hotels.

Choice points can be redeemed at 7132 Hotel Switzerland.

Choice Privileges is offering a total of 8,000 points after every two stays. This is a typical promotion from the program, so be sure to register if you have any plans to stay.

Don't pay attention to the marketing on this promotion. You can redeem your points for gift cards, but there are other ways to use them.

Do you plan on taking advantage of Choice?