Djokovic's Sponsors Stick By Him Or Stay Silent—But He Could Lose Millions From Missing Grand Slams

January 18, 2022, 10:05am

Forbes estimates that Novak Djokovic received $30 million in endorsements last year, but the sponsors have largely remained quiet since the world's top-ranked tennis player was barred from the Australian Open due to his Covid-19 vaccine status.

The tennis star has a partnership with a French clothing company.

The images are from the same company.

Raiffeisen Bank International said in a statement to Forbes that it would continue to sponsor Novak Djokovic, even though he has been reported to have had a vaccine.

Hublot told the Associated Press that Novak Djokovic is his own person. We can't comment on his decisions. The world number 1 tennis player is a Hublot partner.

A spokesman for the French clothing company said Monday that they will contact the athlete and review the events that have accompanied his presence in Australia, as the only sponsor to cast doubt on their partnership with the athlete.

As of Tuesday, Forbes had not heard from any of the other sponsors of the tennis player.

The Australian federal court upheld the government's decision to cancel the visa of Novak Djokovic, who had been granted a medical exemption to enter the country for the Australian Open. If he is notvaccinated, he will face more problems for the remaining Grand Slam tournaments. The French sport ministry said on Monday that athletes will not be exempt from the country's strict vaccine requirements, which could mean that Novak Djokovic will miss the French Open in May. The Championships at Wimbledon beginning in June would not guarantee the participation of Novak Djokovic, though England permits unvaccinated visitors with a negative test and a limited exemption from the U.S. Open vaccine mandate.

$8.18 million was spent. That is the amount of prize money that would be missed out if he were unable to compete in all four Grand Slam tournaments. The singles winners of the Australian Open will take home $2.06 million, while the French Open, Wimbledon, and U.S Open winners will each take home over $2 million. According to Forbes, the 46th highest-paid athlete in the world is Novak Djokovic.

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Forbes found that 13 of the 50 athletes on the list did not publicly indicate they were vaccine free. Wisconsin healthcare provider Prevea Health dropped National Football League star Rodgers last fall after he spread misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines.

The French Open is in doubt because of theStrict Covid-Fighting Law.

13 of the 50 highest-paid athletes wouldn't say if they were vaccinated.