Only one US airline ranked in the top 5 for having the youngest fleet of aircraft in North America, with Canada and Mexico dominating — here's the full list

The smell of a new plane on an airline's aircraft can now be bragged about.
The average age of an airline's fleet was the basis for CH Aviation's list of airlines with the youngest fleets. Five airlines from each region of the world earned recognition for their fleet efforts.
In the North American segment of the ranking, airlines from the US, Canada, and Mexico were the highest ranked. Only one US airline made the top five.

Canadian and Mexican airlines dominated the list. The ultra-low-cost segment of the industry is known for being incredibly cost-minded, and all five airlines on the list are from that segment.

Investing in new aircraft helps keep fuel and maintenance costs low, even when airlines choose next- generation models from Boeing, Embraer, and Airbus despite the higher acquisition costs compared to older models.
All of the airlines on the top five list can boast a young fleet, but not all can boast a prestigious fleet. Only one airline in the ranking has a fleet larger than 100 aircraft, and some are recently launched startup airlines.
The airlines in North America are flying the youngest aircraft.
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Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier Swoop and its fleet of Boeing aircraft earned fifth place in the ranking. The average age of the ten pink and white Boeing planes is 6.161 years.
All of the aircraft in the company were originally delivered by Boeing.


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Mexican ultra-low-cost carrier Volaris earned the fourth spot as its 99-aircraft fleet has an average age of 5.61 years. The A320, A320neo, A321, and A321neo are all part of the Volaris fleet.
Three of the three A319 aircraft that are held back have an average age of 15.3 years.

VivaAerobus has an A320neo.

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VivaAerobus, a Mexican ultra-low-cost carrier, came in third place with 52 aircraft having an average fleet age of 5.29 years. states that it is now a mostly Airbus airline, with the exception of the A320, A321, and A321neo.

The airlines are called Flair Airlines.

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Canada's Flair Airlines was ranked second on the list because of its 12 Boeing 737s that have an average age of only 4.22 years. A growing list of 33 destinations can be served by the Boeing 737 Max 8 and the Boeing 737-800.
In December, it was announced that it would lease 14 additional planes and that it would grow its fleet to 30 aircraft by mid-2023. New York and Chicago will be the new destinations for Boeing's next-generation jet.
The airlines are Frontier Airlines.

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Frontier Airlines has an average aircraft age of 4.15 years, making it the top airline in the US. Frontier has the youngest fleet of any airline with more than 100 aircraft.
Frontier decided to retire older models in favor of newer ones like the A320, A320neo, and A321.
Frontier and parent company Indigo Partners placed a 91-aircraft order for the A321neos at the Dubai Airshow in November. In the US, Caribbean, and Central America, Frontier flies to leisure destinations.