Apply Now: Chase Air Canada Aeroplan Credit Card

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Air Canada and Chase launched a partnership in the United States in 2021. Air Canada Aeroplan became a Chase Ultimate rewards transfer partner. The Aeroplan® Credit Card, which opened to applicants in December, is a partnership between Air Canada and Chase.

I wanted to let people know that this new card was introduced and they missed it. You will get nearly two full years out of the complimentary elite status offered by the card if you apply in early 2021, since it is valid for the year in which you apply for the card, plus the following calendar year.

Air Canada has a new credit card in the US that is both innovative and lucrative. This card has a lot to offer, from a huge welcome bonus, to generous bonus categories for spending, to valuable perks. The card has a perk for people who spend a million dollars a year.

The annual fee for the Aeroplan Credit Card is $95.

The Aeroplan Credit Card has an annual fee. Adding authorized users to the card is free, and spending from authorized users can help you accumulate points. The annual fee is in line with what you would find on most mid-range airline credit cards.

The Chase Aeroplan Card has an annual fee.

Aeroplan Credit Card has a welcome bonus.

The Aeroplan Credit Card is offering an introductory welcome bonus of two welcome flight reward certificates valid for up to 50,000 points each. You can get this unlocked after spending $4,000 in the first three months. This is one of the best credit card bonuses out there.

Each certificate can be used to redeem a single passenger in any cabin on Air Canada or a partner airline. You could use one welcome flight reward certificate and 15,000 Aeroplan points to book a ticket that costs 65,000 Aeroplan points. You wouldn't want to use a certificate for a ticket costing under 50,000 points, so any amount not used will be forfeited.

If you close your account you will lose the welcome bonus, but the certificate will remain valid. Those who maintain their account don't have to worry about the certificate being expired.

The Chase standard credit card application rules apply.

Aeroplan points can be used for first class.

The Aeroplan Credit Card has spending bonuses.

The Aeroplan Credit Card is perfect for purchases abroad because it has no foreign transaction fees. The card has something to offer.

3x Aeroplan points per dollar spent on dining.
Aeroplan points can be spent at grocery stores.
3x Aeroplan points are spent with Air Canada.
1x Aeroplan points per dollar spent on other purchases.

It gets better. The card gives 500 Aeroplan points for every $2,000 spent in a calendar month, up to a maximum of 1,500 Aeroplan points per month. If you spent $2,000 per month in a category that earned 3x points, you would earn a total of 6,500 Aeroplan points.

This is the best rewards structure we have seen on a co- branded airline credit card. Spending can earn you elite status and flight reward discount vouchers.

The Chase Aeroplan Card has bonus points for dining.

Air Canada has Aeroplan Credit Card elite status perks.

The Aeroplan Credit Card offers elite status to new card members, as well as the chance to maintain status in the long-run with spending. The card offers something.

If you apply in 2021, you will get Aeroplan Elite 25K status for the remainder of the first calendar year in which you have the card, plus the following calendar year.
Aeroplan Elite 25K status can be maintained by spending $15,000 on the card in a year.
If you earn Aeroplan Elite 25K status by spending $15,000 on the card, your status will be upgraded to Aeroplan Elite 35K, but only if you spend $50,000 on the card in a year.

Aeroplan Elite 25K or Elite 35K can be used if you fly Air Canada with any frequency, as you can receive perks like priority check-in, early boarding, and more. It won't get you as many perks on other airlines as it would with Star Alliance Gold status.

I think this is great, and if you are a fan of Air Canada, it is cool to be able to get a one-tier status boost all the way up to Super Elite.

elite status is offered by the Chase Aeroplan Card.

Aeroplan credit card has priority reward vouchers.

The Aeroplan Credit Card gets really interesting here. Big spenders can also earn priority reward vouchers, as well as solid bonus categories, monthly spending thresholds, and the ability to earn status through credit card spending. 50% off an eligible Aeroplan award ticket can be used for travel on Air Canada or a partner airline.

You can earn vouchers for spending over a million dollars a year. Depending on your status, these can be used in a variety of ways.

Aeroplan Elite 25K and Elite 35K members can only use these for awards in the United States and Canada.
Aeroplan Elite 50K members can use these for awards in North America.
Aeroplan Elite 75K members can use these for awards.
Aeroplan Super Elite members can use these for awards.

One more threshold is worthy of its own section.

Priority reward vouchers for spending are offered by the Chase Aeroplan Card.

The Aeroplan Credit Card has a million dollar spending reward.

If you spend a million dollars on the Aeroplan Credit Card in a year, you'll get the ultimate companion pass. Those who reach that spending threshold receive an award redemption companion voucher.

You can take a companion with you on Air Canada or any partner airline in any class, and 100% of the points redeemed for them will be reimbursed.
This is valid for the year in which it was earned.
The benefit can only be applied to one person, so you have to designate a single companion.

This perk is innovative and amazing. This isn't for everyone, but for those that spend a lot, this could be worth considering. You would need to be a big spender for this to work, but you would also need to redeem a lot of points for award travel.

An ANA voucher for a companion? Yes, please!

Aeroplan Credit Card has perks.

The Aeroplan Credit Card has a number of benefits.

Air Canada will give a free first checked bag to the primary cardmember and up to eight other travelers on the same itinerary.
A $100 credit is given to Global Entry every four years.
Travel protection for flight delays, baggage, and more is provided by World Elite Mastercard.
Aeroplan will purchase carbon offsets when a cardmember redeems Aeroplan points for Air Canada flights.

Air Canada flights have carbon offsets on the Aeroplan Credit Card.

The feature will be called "Pay yourself back".

Aeroplan points are great for award redemptions on Star Alliance and other partner airlines, and you can also transfer points from Amex Membership Rewards, Capital One, and Chase Ultimate rewards. If you have the Aeroplan card, you can redeem points in other ways.

Chase Aeroplan cardmembers will be able to apply their Aeroplan points towards travel purchases on any airline, hotel, or rental car, at the rate of 1.25 cents per point, up to 50,000 points per year.

This is an innovative opportunity for those who value Aeroplan points less than I do, since this is a way to cash them out towards any travel purchase at a solid rate.

The Aeroplan Credit Card will allow you to pay yourself back for travel.

The Aeroplan Credit Card is new to me.

The Aeroplan Credit Card is one of the most lucrative co-brand airline credit cards we have seen. I am still trying to figure out how this will fit into my strategy, but here are a few initial thoughts.

Aeroplan has so many partner redemption opportunities that the welcome bonus is lucrative.
Since there aren't many Chase cards that offer bonus points on groceries, the bonus categories are generous.
I have said for years that I wish we could get a NEXUS credit, so it is great to see this card lead the way with that.
If you already have Aeroplan status, the one-tier status upgrade could be very valuable, as this will mostly be useful if flying with Air Canada, rather than a Star Alliance partner.
The global companion voucher for spending a million dollars on the card is one of the best credit card benefits we have ever seen; I have always been surprised by how low the caps are on some credit card spending thresholds, so it's fantastic to see a card go all-out like

I plan on getting this card soon. I don't know how much I'll spend on the card, but the bonus categories are great and I don't want to spend a lot on the card.

The Chase Aeroplan Card is innovative.

The bottom line.

The Aeroplan Credit Card is very popular. The card has a huge welcome bonus of up to 100,000 Aeroplan points, plus monthly spending bonuses and further threshold bonuses. Being a cardmember with the card offers some valuable perks.

It is exciting to see a card like this. I was expecting some creativity from Aeroplan. There is something for everyone here.

What do you think about the Aeroplan Credit Card?