(Back Again) Get $100 United Travel Bank money with CLEAR membership

This deal is open to the first 50,000 members instead of the first 10,000, but it will be back again.

The first 50,000 Mileage Plus members who sign up for CLEAR will receive $100 in United Travel Bank money. If you don't have access to an AMEX CLEAR credit, there is a reduced rate for membership of $119 for MileagePlus members and $109 for MileagePlus elites.

$100 United Travel Bank offer with clear membership.

The deal was made.

The first 50,000 Mileage Plus members who sign up for a CLEAR membership by February 9, 2021, will receive $100 in United TravelBank cash.
Direct link to the promotion.

Key terms.

The offer is valid for the first 50,000 MileagePlus members.
If all 50,000 offers are claimed, the offer ends on February 9, 2021.
CLEAR members must enroll through the offer landing page in order to be eligible.
TravelBank recipients will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours.
After the credit is deposited into the member's accounts, TravelBank credits will be valid for 9 months.
TravelBank credits will be deposited within a few weeks.

Quick thoughts.

If you have an Amex Platinum card or another card with the Amex Offer for CLEAR, you should be able to sign up through this offer and get the membership fee rebated as well. Stephen wrote about how easy it is to set up CLEAR.

I have not signed up for CLEAR, PreCheck, or Global Entry. I use a lot of the services on the internet, but I have no expectation of privacy, and I am very resistant to anything that requires a photo of my fingerprints. I have been fingerprinted on the way into a number of countries as part of their immigration policies, so I guess I should stop being ridiculous about not giving my fingerprints to CLEAR, Global Entry, and the like. Is $100 the price I have been waiting for? Maybe. It might work out to be convenient for me.

You will need to use TravelBank cash for a flight by November in order to take advantage of this offer.