Developer Showcases Apple CarPlay Workaround for Teslas

There is no sign of official support from the company, as evidenced by the fact that a Model 3 owner has tried to implement Apple CarPlay in his vehicle.

With no indication thatTesla is willing to implement Apple CarPlay in its vehicles, Polish developer Micha Gapiski took matters into his own hands. Gapiski was able to get a fully functional version of Apple CarPlay running on hisTesla's display using a Rasberry Pi and the car's browser.

The system works using a Rasberry Pi with an LTE modem and a wi-fi access point. The in-car browser is used to connect to the Rasberry Pi and display the CarPlay interface on theTesla's screen, with all apps working as expected, including Maps and Apple Music. While driving, the Apple CarPlay solution can be controlled with the car's steering wheel buttons.

Gapiski is working on improving the internet connection. He says that the project is still in its early stages and that he will release the solution to the public once it is ready.

The chances of Apple CarPlay support in the near future are very unlikely because of the strained relationship between the two companies. There were signs that the company was planning to support Apple Music.

Most carmakers offer Apple CarPlay in their vehicles, which makes the omission ofTesla a notable exception. The BMW i4 and BMW iX are two electric cars that are trying to compete with theTesla, and both offer Apple services such as Apple Music and Apple Podcasts.