Amazon UK won't ban Visa credit cards on January 19th after all

Amazon told customers that it is close to a solution with Visa.

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Amazon told customers in November that it would stop accepting Visa credit cards in the UK in January of 2022. The company backtracked on that, telling customers via email that it will continue to accept Visa cards for the time being.

The change in the use of Visa credit cards on will not take place on January 19 according to an Amazon spokesman. We are working with Visa on a solution that will allow customers to use their Visa credit cards on

Amazon and Visa have been at odds for a while, with Amazon accusing Visa of charging high credit card transaction fees, and Visa saying that Amazon was threatening to restrict consumer choice in the future. Both companies, global leaders of their respective industries, previously said that they were trying to find a solution.
Amazon didn't elaborate further on its statement, but did not set another deadline, so it's likely that UK buyers will be able to use their Visa cards for the foreseeable future.
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