Why American Airlines Miami Departures Have Had No Food Or Drinks In The Evenings

As American Airlines prepares to bring real meals back to domestic first class, they're having supply chain issues even Catering the products they currently offer customers on board.

Some of the problems are related to issues that everyone has been seeing throughout the Pandemic, such as low wages and difficult to find employees, and some of them have been specific to Omicron.

At an employee question and answer session earlier this month, a recording of which was reviewed by View From The Wing Ameican's Managing Director of Onboard Dining and Service, it was noted that the airline has a 120 day lead time for catering items so they can't simply replace items

She said that the biggest problems have been at their Miami hub.

The caterer there didn't get a single person to apply to work there recently. Helping them raise wages is what American has done for the last 60 days.

It's difficult to hire commercial drivers license drivers. The last 15-20 departures of the night have no one left to cater planes, and they pull people forward each day to cover the lack of staff. They have had more staff and fewer planes without food in the past few weeks.

TheCARES Act gave the US taxpayers billions of dollars. American Airlines blames the laws for its inability to serve drinks on flights out of Dallas - Fort Worth. At a recent employee question and answer session, there was a recording.

June 26, 2021.


A flight attendant in Miami asked about building a buffer to ensure flights are properly catered, and he told them about a time when he was called into the office because he took a 14 minute delay to plate food for Brazil. I am going to shut the door.

February 28,


I went to Dallas to learn about the changes at American. I was able to try out some of the new products that seem to be improvements, and most importantly signal that the airline is investing in product which has been an ongoing open question for the industry.

June 22, 2015.