Kanye West Thanks Travis Scott for Sending Him to Chicago's Birthday Party


After attending his daughter Chicago's 4th birthday party, there was some shade thrown in by his father, but he was all smiles.

The shindig was being thrown at the home of the person who told him about it, according to the man. He thanked Kris, but didn't mention Kim. He was stopped by security at the door.


He said his kids are the priority in his life, and you can hear it in his voice. He was there for about 2 hours.

The party was fun and the guests were happy as they chatted with the smiling Yeezus. The two people in the picture are not together.


We reported earlier in the day that Kim kept him from seeing Chi on her birthday, and that he claimed it was an example of how fathers have been kept out of the family unit.

Our Kim sources say that this was a simple case of crossed signals, and that she never wanted to exclude him. The sources say that Kim was supposed to have a second party after 4 PM when she was picked up by him.

All's well that ends well.