Poll: Has your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro experienced any problems recently?

Nick Sutrich is from Android Central.

The bugs of the Pixel 6 are well documented. The software experience has been problematic for many of the owners of the Pixel 6. That's a shame, given how much was made of the software side of things thanks to the new Tensor chip.

No phone is perfect. The best phones have had their fair share of problems. Some users don't seem to be having issues as frequently as others. The staff members of the Android Central who use the Pixel 6 seem to have fewer problems than those who use the Pro.

We're wondering how this works outside of our small test group. Do you own a phone? Have you experienced any of the major bugs?

Many users who downloaded the December update had network issues. Many U.S. Pixel 6 owners did not receive the December update. The update was halted until it could iron out the problems, which would be rolled out in a fix alongside the January update.

Let us know in the comments which update your device is on, whether it's from November, December, or the recent patch that's become available for the devices.

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