Kanye West Says Kardashian Kids Raised by Nannies, Cameras in New Song

In his new song with The Game, West got a lot off his chest, but most of it was aimed at his estranged wife, Kim, and his own kids.

"Eazy" dropped early Saturday, and as expected. Pete Davidson was laid into by Ye. He says he wants to beatPD's ass, but his main beef seems to be with Kim, and how he thinks she's raising their brood.

His verse is almost like his own rap verse.

Right off the bat. He raps that he's going to "turn up the music, wake up the neighbors," among other things. Ye is not ready to put this matter to rest quietly.

He hits the point home when he raps. If we go to court, we'll go to court together, and we'll pick up your sister.

There's more to come. He said he watched four kids for five hours today, similar to what he said about being restricted from time with his children. He raps, "I got love for the nannies, but real family is better."

Those kids are his. In his mind, he gives a little truth medicine. He raps, "When you give them everything, they only want more, and you have to do some chores."

Everyone knew the line was coming. I was saved from that crash so I can beat Pete Davidson. He shouted out his new girlfriend, Julia Fox. "And my new bitch bad."

The song is getting a lot of love on the internet, with people saying that it's like he used to rhyme when he was in college.