Daily Crunch: One-click checkout company Bolt ushered into decacorn territory on $355M Series E

January 14, 2022, 6:11 PM.

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January 14, 2022, is the day of Daily Crunch! I think that this has been the week of Wordle, in that everyone and their dog are posting their scores and results on social media. I am also trash, so I am a small bit of camaraderie for those of you who are not good at the game. I refuse to connect Good at Wordle with Good at words because I still get paid to write.

The Equity team had a great time this week, so if you wanted a peek into recent startup news, you're in luck.

The top 3 tech companies.

Bolt raised $355 million in a new round of capital, pushing its valuation to $11 billion. Bolt has an online checkout solution. It competes with Fast and Checkout.com, which just raised $1 billion. You can argue that there is separation between the players in the world of online payments and checkout, but the overlap appears to be growing. We called the online check market a war a year ago.
Major tech companies have been subpoenaed by Congress as they investigate the January 6 insurrection. The websites are in the line of fire.
As the market for non-fungible token is heating up, we are tracking the various exchanges where trading takes place. Not all trading volume is what it appears to be.

The companies are startups/VC.

Daasity is a startup that helps customers aggregate their information from various e- commerce platforms and push it to marketing channels to improve customer experiences. The company received a Series A funding round.
EVage is one of the companies that Amazon is working with to build its global delivery network. If you are the sort of person who likes brutalist architecture, the Indian company raised $28 million for an electric truck-van-box.
There are labor platforms being built to help particular industries hire, according to a story on the cannabis labor market. There are a few in the healthcare market. Thanks to Vangst, the cannabis industry has just raised a $19 million Series B.

Brazil is set to take off with regulatory tailwinds.

Nubank has its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Nelson Almeida/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images.

Regulation is seen as a hurdle to innovation in most parts of the developing world.

In Brazil, the Central Bank is being hailed by investors as a way to bring banking to the people.

The Central Bank of Brazil has adopted open banking initiatives.

In an in-depth market analysis, Anna Heim explores how insurtech is also poised to take advantage of Brazil's open banking initiatives.

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Brazil is set to take off with regulatory tailwinds.

Big Tech is a company.

Today we have some Big Tech news, followed by some European legal news involving a major U.S. tech company.

Our own Rita Liao did everyone a favor by writing up a deep dive into the self-driving taxi market in China. She writes that it seems that every week another major player gets the green light to launch a new pilot program or a small-scale service in the country. What are the individual news events? Find out!
J.B. Hunt and Waymo are turning their pilot into a long-term program for self-driving cars. There is a shortage of truck drivers in the U.S., which means that trucks that can get along without help could be a big deal.
Here is a review of a car that no one at TechCrunch can afford. I would prefer a standard Continental. The fact that our transportation editor was able to test one is very inspiring. If you have more than a quarter-million dollars laying around and need 12 cylinders, this is the car for you.
Meta faces a class-action lawsuit in the U.K., which seeks to dock the US social networking giant some $3.1 billion for abuse of its in-market power.

The experts of tech.

SEAN GLADWELL is the image credit.

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Sesto, a Singapore-based industrial robotics firm, this week announced a $5.7 million raise. The round follows a similar pattern.

The FTC cleared a critical hurdle in its antitrust suit against Meta earlier this week, and now the agency is interested in the company's virtual reality business.

Don't refer to the incubator program as a corporate venture capital outfit.

It will probably take less time to list the things that are made by Korean technology giant, like washing machines and fridges.

We have a great lineup to start the new season, and we are coming back this February. Changes are coming to the show. Look for more pitch in the year 2022.

After the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans will be able to order free at- home tests.

The prices of its subscription services in the US and Canada have been raised again. Existing customers will receive an emai, while new subscribers will see the new prices today.

We will be off on Monday, January 17 in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Legal professionals and companies can use its technology to create profiles, be matched to available work, monitor projects and pay through the platform.

It is not easy to build a virtual universe, but we can bring it closer to reality through proper network infrastructure investments and innovation.

We unpack the numbers behind the headlines on Equity, a show about the business of startups. The Friday episode is a rundown of key news headlines.

The Russian Federal Security Service shut down the REvil gang. The move will be unprecedented.

J.B. Hunt Transport Services is expanding its partnership with the trucking and cargo transportation unit of the company.

Customer data can be collected from dozens of touch points, and brands can make better decisions about how to market their products.

The race to put passengers in machine-driven vehicles is underway in China. Every few weeks, another major player gets the go-ahead to launch.

Three months after Bolt took in $393 million in Series D funding, this newest raise comes.