YouTube Suspends Fox News Host Dan Bongino For Covid Disinformation

Bongino's popular channel was suspended for violating the platform's Covid disinformation policy after he lied in a video about the effectiveness of masks.

Dan Bongino is the US Open winner. Roy Rochlin poses for a picture.

The images are from the same company.

Bongino's channel has had its monetization suspended for violating advertiser friendly guidelines.

The platform's policy states that three strikes within 90 days will result in a permanent ban.

Bongino said he would immediately post content questioning why masks have been totally ineffective when he returns, after he was suspended.

Bongino didn't respond to a request from Forbes.

869,000. Bongino has a lot of subscribers on his channel.

Bongino's radio show took over the time slot of Rush Limbaugh's show in many markets last year, making him one of the top figures in conservative news media. Bongino's Facebook page is one of the most popular conservative news sources on the platform, and is responsible for the most popular link post during the past week.

What to watch for.

Bongino was suspended from the social media platform after posting a video that violated the platform's policies against promoting violence after the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. He remained an active user after he was suspended from the social network.

Dan Bongino went from a failed congressional candidate to one of the kings of conservative media.

Dan Bongino leads conservative news on Facebook.

Dan Bongino won't return to social media after his suspension.

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