Scary: A Second Near-Disaster On Emirates 777 In Dubai

I am starting to wonder about the safety of the airline after another incident that could have resulted in hundreds of deaths.

There was a second near disaster on the airline.

This is not clickbait. The Aviation Herald reported what they know about the incident.

The incident happened on January 9, 2022.
EK524 from the airport to the airport was not allowed to take off because it had not been granted clearance to take off.
A plane was taxiing for departure and was cleared by air traffic control to cross runway 30R.
The crew of EK524 was told to stop taking off because they had already traveled 2,600 feet down the runway and reached speeds of 130 knots.
The pilots were able to bring the aircraft to a sudden stop and pull it off the active runway.

Two independent sources confirmed the incident.

A fresh incident of alleged pilot error comes just weeks after revelations of pilot error that could have led to the crash of a plane.

The plane was nearly crashed due to a pilot error.

I am not a safety expert. I am not a pilot. As a consumer and someone who has been watching this industry for nearly two decades, these recent events should be very upsetting to the company. These incidents demand a response from the organization and suggest that immediate reform is needed.


There is a second near-miss incident that could have resulted in catastrophic loss. It is time for the company to be transparent about the incidents and take steps to prevent them from happening again.

One of the aircraft involved in this incident is Anna Zvereva.