Supreme Court Kills Biden's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

The Supreme Court struck down the vaccine mandate for private companies and other organizations with at least 100 employees.
The high court allowed vaccine mandates for employees of health care facilities.
The Supreme Court has blocked the federal government's requirement for large workplaces. The vaccine mandate for workers at health care facilities is allowed by the court.
January 13, 2022.

In the main case, the majority of justices believed that the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not have the authority to impose an emergency regulation to implement a vaccine mandate.
The majority opinion says thatAdministrative agencies are creatures of statute.

Congress has given them the authority that they possess. 84 million Americans have been ordered by the Labor Department to either get a vaccine or get weekly medical testing. This is not an everyday exercise of federal power. It doesn't. The act gives the secretary the power to set safety standards at work.

The OSHA rule was supposed to go into effect this week, but was halted pending court action. The new rule required employees to either be tested for COVID-19 weekly or get fully vaccined.
The Supreme Court ruled correctly in our fight against Biden's vaccine mandate.
The federal government does not have the right to dictate your health care decisions.

Kevin Roberts wrote on January 13, 2022.

The vaccine mandate for private employers was struck down by the justices, but the mandate for health care workers was upheld.

The vaccine mandate for health care facilities that take Medicare and Medicaid funds was upheld by the high court.
It is up to individual employers to determine if it is safe for their employees and if their business is safe for consumers.

Many employers have imposed vaccine requirements without being told to do so by the government.
The Department of Health and Human Services requires health care facilities that receive Medicaid and Medicare funds to have a vaccine.
According to The Washington Post, only Chief Justice John G. Roberts and Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh were conservatives who upheld the mandate for health care workers.
The Supreme Court stayed the OSHA mandate but let the health care mandate stay. The OSHA ruling was the most significant decision. The Administration lost both cases.
Jonathan Turley wrote on January 13, 2022.

Liberal justices voted to allow vaccine mandates.
Conservative Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy ConeyBarrett opposed vaccine requirements for workers at health care facilities.

The Daily Wire was the first company in America to file a constitutional challenge to the Biden vaccine mandate. We are happy with the Supreme Court's ruling today.
January 13, 2022.

17 million people are covered by the mandate for health care workers.
The mandate for private employers would have covered 80 million Americans, according to the White House.
The Supreme Court blocked Joe Biden's vaccine mandate. His vaccine mandate was upheld.
We can't stop fighting until the entire vaccine mandate is thrown into the trash.
The congressman said on January 13, 2022, "That's right."

Businesses, nonprofits, and 27 Republican-led states sued to stop the vaccine mandate on private employers. The Heritage Foundation is the parent organization of The Daily Signal.
Biden's vaccine mandate was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. South Dakota joined the lawsuit and refused to enforce the vaccine mandate from the beginning.
January 13, 2022.

Lower courts were divided on the issue.
Before announcing the vaccine mandate for larger private employers, President Joe Biden said he didn't believe it would be constitutional without Congress.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act gave OSHA the authority to impose emergency standards for workplace safety without the need for regulatory approval, according to the Biden administration.
Private employers and the states argued that the vaccine mandate was federal overreach. They said it didn't comply with the federal statute that requires that any emergency temporary standard must show that employees face a "grave danger", that the rule is necessary to protect employees from such danger, and that the rule is feasible for employers to implement.
The American Center for Law and Justice represented Heritage before the Supreme Court.

Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation, said in a formal statement that the federal government has no authority to dictate the private and personal health care decisions of tens of millions of Americans.

The Supreme Court struck down the Biden regime's vaccine mandate in order to signal its agreement with the basic tenets of a well- functioning and free society.
The mandate has never been about public health. It has always been President Biden's excuse to increase government control of the everyday lives of Americans.

The report was updated within two hours to correct the court's vote on the mandate for health care workers.

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