Hit the road, Novak

The world's top ranked male tennis player is having a hard time trying to play in the Australian Open, a Grand Slam he has won a record nine times. He is facing deportation because he is not immunizations, according to the report. The timing of the visa revocation by the Australian Immigration Minister has put him up against the courts and the clock.

If he doesn't get all of his paperwork into the courts and get the ruling overturned before the start of the tournament, he'll be replaced. I am not going to pretend to know anything about the Australian legal system or immigration, but I am also not going to pretend that I want this to work out for him.

It's almost as annoying to throw a legal tantrum as it is to refuse to be jabbed. It is time to give up because the rest of the field conformed to protocols. If you can't act like a big boy, go home. Naomi Osaka showed more grace than she needed when she stepped away for not attending a couple news conferences, and still got roasted for it. Accept your fate, and stop acting like tennis owes you something. This is not a point you have to win. The Aussies smoked one. Let it go.

Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister of Australia.

The Pandemic has been difficult for every Australian, but we have stuck together and saved lives. Australians have made a lot of sacrifice during the Pandemic and they expect the result to be protected. This is what the Minister is doing.

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It is people like Novak who are holding everyone back, instead of getting back to normal life. His lawyer thinks the immigration minister revoked his visa because he may become a symbol for the anti-vaxxers, and that he hijacked the tournament with this nonsense.

Nick Wood said that the minister only considers the potential for exciting anti-vax sentiment in the event that Djokovic is present.

It is probably a bit of both, but science dictates that if you aren't vaccinations you are a health risk. How many real doctors, real hospitalizations, and real deaths is it going to take for these idiots to realize this? There are a number of anti-vax symbols to devil worship already, and one of them is Novak Djokovic.

If you don't get vaccinations, you agree to wear masks, stay away from places you can't go into, and not do things you're not allowed to do. This isn't hard. You can figure it out if you can read. Catching Covid-19 in December is more of a reason not to enter the country than it is a reason for a medical exemption, which is exactly what Novak is pushing. Natural immunization is not a reality. It is a concept that people who aren't vaccine-free try to use to justify getting to do what they want.

The vaccine rate among adults in Victoria state, where the Open is held, is more than 90 percent, but officials reported 35,000 new cases Friday, and locals seem pretty annoyed that an entitled tennis star would get to skirt the rules when they have been barred from seeing dying family members or new grandchildren David Crowe wrote an excellent piece about it. We are not the only country hitting the bed.

If he doesn't win the appeal, he'll be banned from getting a visa for three years. It would be hilarious if he couldn't play in his favorite Grand Slam because he couldn't get back to normal.

He will have to wait until at least the French Open, a tournament he has only won twice before, for another chance to break the stalemate, as he is tied with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at 20 a piece. When he won the Australian Open, at 36 years old, and when he won the French Open, at 34 years old, Nadal was the oldest winner of a Grand Slam. All three are still playing, but what they are doing at ages considered advanced for tennis players is unprecedented.

The chance to win a record-extending 10th Australian Open and a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam is more important than standing up for anti-medicine. There are a lot of commendable causes, but not all of them.