Ridiculous: American Airlines Tells Olivia Culpo To Cover Up

An American Airlines employee once again enforced the carrier's dress code.

American Airlines tells someone to cover up.

Every so often there is a story about a passenger being asked to wear less revealing clothing. It involves a passenger with a high profile. A former Miss Universe and Sports Illustrated model was flying with her sister and boyfriend to Los Cabos on Thursday.

The 29-year-old was told by the gate counter to cover up in order to fly. It would appear that Culpo was wearing a long cardigan, biker shorts, and a sports bra.

She agreed to wear her boyfriend's hoodie in order to travel. The sisters met a woman in the gate area who had a revealing outfit, but you could see her curves, in the sense that her midriff was exposed. The woman was surprised to hear that she was asked to put on more clothes.

You can see a video of the stories.

The video is titled "watch?"

What is the dress code for American Airlines?

What is the dress code for American Airlines? It is very short.

Bare feet or offensive clothing are not allowed.

I don't think there was anything offensive about her clothing, and she didn't have bare feet. There is no further clarification of what that means beyond not having bare feet or offensive clothing.

I don't think it's right that Culpo was asked to cover up. I think people approach conversations about these incidents wrong. Some people will say that people should dress up to fly, but I wouldn't dress that way.

I wouldn't dress that way, I'm not a woman. I do not dictate how other people should dress, and it is not reflected in American's dress code.

Is the man in the tank top, shorts, and flipflops on the plane more offensive than the man in the shirt? I have never heard of a man being kicked off a plane for that.

The bottom line.

An American Airlines gate agent asked a woman to cover up. American's dress code is incredibly vague and agents are left to use their own discretion. I can appreciate that some people would choose to wear more clothes on planes, but there is nothing offensive about what she is wearing and she is going to a beach destination.

I don't understand why American can't either publish a stricter and more concrete dress code or leave it to individual gate agents to decide which outfits they're feeling, and which they aren't

Should an American Airlines gate agent have asked Culpo to cover up?