Nicolle Wallace Just Can’t Take Lindsey Graham’s Latest Fawning Over Donald Trump

The South Carolina Republican was criticized for bending the knee to the ex-president.

The host of the late night show offered up a conspiracy theory of his own.

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Lindsey Graham was called "spineless" by one person after he said that the Republican nomination for president was Donald Trump's if he wants it.

Fox News viewers may have come away with the belief that Hillary Clinton is ramping up a White House run, but on Thursday, that reality-free bubble was deflated a bit.

The Florida lawmaker was found by the "Daily Show" correspondent.

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Tucker Carlson blasted the Supreme Court justice as a liberal because he and Chief Justice John Roberts upheld a mandate for medical workers.

The "Fauci Act" will be introduced by Roger Marshall after he clashed with Anthony Fauci at a Senate hearing. The Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals (FAUCI) Act will be introduced by Marshall after he found that Fauci's records were not readily accessible to the public. The Office of Government is required by the Fauci Act.

The Texas Attorney General was ordered to release emails and texts.


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The woman told investigators that she removed the photos from the scene because it seemed like a bad idea to keep them up.

Romney told Insider that debates are a way for people to hear the candidates of the two major parties duke it out.

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It was the same thing as when I watched my cellmate Paul Manafort give his first TV interview after being pardoned by Donald Trump. Sean Hannity had him to throw a pity party and promote his book, Political Prisoner: Persecuted, because he was all on the same team.

One of the Kentucky defendants wrote a letter to the federal judge saying that the mistake would never happen again.

In one case, a doctor whose name was published by an Indiana group was warned by the FBI of a kidnapping threat against her daughter, a Supreme court justice. The ad that was signed by Barrett called for the abolition of abortion. A group in Indiana that endorsed the anti-abortion campaign kept a list of abortion providers and their places of work.

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A senior strategist at the American Civil Liberties Union responded to a floor speech by Sen. Sinema, encouraging Democrats to keep attacking her.

Parents and community members have called for a Houston school board Trustee to resign after he savagely critiqued Black teachers during a racist rant at a school board meeting. Scott Henry of the Cypress Independent School District blamed students' poor grades and low graduation rates on Black teachers and said diversity efforts were frivolous in comments that left lawmakers, activists, and parents aghast.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel weighed in on the bombshell news that Republicans in several states forged election documents in an attempt to give the election to former President Trump. The people in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona and Georgia posed as electors and voted for Trump. Everyone involved could face multiple charges and significant jail time, which Nessel believes could persuade some of them to talk, and expose orchestration from the highest levels of government. Some people will flip once they see that they could be facing prison time, and we will get more information as to who orchestrated this in the first place, who told these people to do this. Nessel referred the case to federal authorities because she believed the people who signed the fraudulent documents were part of a bigger plan. Nessel said that they had decided to do the investigation in light of the fact that there were different false slates of electors from different states.

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There is a two-minute drill in January 2022. The Republican party has the ball and has every intention to run out the clock and get control of the house and senate. If you think nothing gets done, wait until you have House and Senate leaders. Ted Cruz laid out intentions to impeach President Biden. Imagine a scenario in which a Democratic president can be cand.

According to his financial disclosures, Sen. Tommy Tuberville made three purchases in the Chinese e- commerce giant.

The host said that Trump thought it would be a good idea to call NPR.