Tesla delays Cybertruck production to early 2023, report claims

The Cybertruck is going to be late. It's even more late than you thought.

The company has delayed initial production of the SUV. The person is familiar with the plans of the company.

According to a source, the delay is due to the fact that the Cybertruck is being changed to better compete with other SUVs in the electric vehicle segment. Rivian's R1T and Ford's F-150 Lightning are included.

The production of the Cybertruck was originally scheduled to begin in 2021, but was delayed to late 2022. In the first quarter of next year, the company plans to increase production of the Cybertruck, according to the report.

The Cybertruck production was removed from the website of the company. Buyers will be able to complete their configuration as production nears, according to the site.

The only source of news on the Cybertruck is the CEO of Musk. The last thing he said on the subject was a reply to a spotting of the Cybertruck at the test track. During the company's earnings call on January 26, Musk is expected to reveal more about the Cybetruck production start.