Study: Face Masks Make People Look More Attractive

Researchers have found that both men and women look more attractive when their face is obscured by a mask.

It is surprising, given how much we rely on facial cues, but if the study is generalizable to a broader population, there may be some hope left for those looking to date during the Pandemic.

Michael Lewis, a researcher at the University of Wales, told The Guardian that they wanted to know if the type of mask had any effect.

The study suggests that faces are the most attractive when they are covered with medical face masks. It may be because we associate blue masks with people in medical or caring professions.

It seems that the phenomenon is linked to sending the right signals during a crisis.

Lewis told the newspaper that wearing a medical mask can make people feel more positive towards the wearer.

The trial asked 43 women to rate the attractiveness of male faces shown in pictures without a mask, while wearing a surgical mask, and holding a black book in front of the bottom half of their face, on a scale of one to 10.

The pictures of men wearing surgical masks came out on top in terms of attractiveness. The pictures of men with no masks scored lowest.

Lewis told The Guardian that a second study found the same results when a group of men were asked to look at pictures of women in masks.

Lewis thinks that there may have been a shift since the start of the Pandemic.

He told the paper that the Pandemic has changed how we view masks. When we see someone wearing a mask, we don't think of them as having a disease.

The researcher suggested that people choose the healthiest looking mate.

Another explanation is that the focus is being diverted towards the eyes while the rest of the face is hidden behind a mask, meaning that the people in the photographs were perceived as ugly.

A study found that face masks make people look more attractive.

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