Republican National Committee threatens to pull nominees from presidential debates

The stage for the final presidential debate of the US 2020 presidential elections is being tested for light and sound at a university.

The Republican National Committee threatened to bar future presidential nominees from debates that have been hosted by the nonpartisan commission.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel wrote a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, accusing them of failing to implement reforms that would restore trust in the debates process.

The RNC will take every step to ensure that future Republican presidential nominees are given an opportunity elsewhere if the CPD stonewalls the reforms necessary to restore its credibility with the Republican Party as a fair and nonpartisan actor.

She said that the RNC would amend the Rules of the Republican Party to prohibit future Republican nominees from participating in debates.

The party animosity toward the CPD was driven by Donald Trump, who accused the organizers of treating him unfairly during the 2020 election. The commission made the debate virtual after Trump tested positive for the coronaviruses, and he pulled out of the debate.

Since the 1988 presidential election, the CPD has sponsored debates. It is not affiliated with a party.

The debate commission deals directly with the candidates who qualify for the debates.

The organization said in a statement that it will be based on fairness, neutrality and a firm commitment to help the American public learn about the candidates and the issues.