Correction officers at NYC's largest jail deferred to a gang leader who was allowed designer sneakers, bins of food and a more comfortable bed in his jail cell: former inmate

Williams was hospitalized after her manager and friends came to her home to check on her.

The production team of the film allowed Simu to keep the rare Air Jordan 4s he wore in the film, but he was forced to have security follow him around the set to make sure he did. In the film "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings", the actor wore a pair of rare "Georgetown" shoes from Nike.

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The Duke of York is facing a civil trial in the United States, where he is accused of sexual offenses.

The man who faked his death to avoid sexual assault charges was found alive in Scotland.

The misinformation on cures for coronaviruses has continued and gotten more creative. The Washington Post reported that Walker claimed he was sitting on a mist that could rid him of the virus.

Few know that Amazon has millions of Prime subscribers.

Kelly Stafford doesn't want another road game.

Democratic Senator Sinema said Thursday that she will not vote to suspend the filibuster in order to pass two voting bills, guaranteeing that President Biden's top legislative priority will fail.

Trinity Rodman is one of three players who have yet to be capped.

Your audience will love using smart tools in PowerPoint.

Fans were surprised by a new workout uploaded by Angela Simmons. In the post, the woman is 34.

Donna Steele started in the shipping department of Tigra USA and became the company's chief executive.

A new study suggests that there may be some health benefits hidden in cannabis plants.


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An arrest affidavit states that a Florida woman was accused of a felony after throwing glitter at a man.

There is no brook behind Marilyn Rudolph's house. A stained pipe juts out of the ground 30 feet behind her modest, well-maintained house, which is why it's called the "House of Wastewater". Black, who cannot afford a basic septic tank, is one of thousands of poor people in rural Alabama who use a straight pipe for their sewage system.

Virginia drivers might want to read this before they pay their auto insurance bill.

On Friday, a Canadian man named Michael Jackson appeared on a right-wing online show and explained why he's been on the run with his daughter for the last two months. Jackson told Laura- Lynn Tyler Thompson that his ex-wife wanted to have their daughter vaccined against the coronaviruses, but he couldn't let it happen.

In Sunday's episode of PEOPLE, Janelle Brown talks to her husband, Kody Brown, about how they considered leaving their marriage.

The judge scheduled the sentencing for September 26, meaning that she'll be out of jail for the next eight and a half months.


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If you owe less than $875,000 on your home and have no missed payments in 45 days, you need to read this.

Shawn Bradley opened up about his life since being paralyzed in a bike accident a year ago, and how he's been dealing with the major changes.

I spent a day on the train from Colorado to California. What I found surprising was my affordable trip.

Student loan companies are accused of making predatory student loans and steering struggling borrowers into costly repayment plans. The accord with 38 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. requires the cancellation of over $1 billion of student debt by the company. In agreeing to settle, the company denied that it had broken any laws or caused harm to borrowers.