Sinema Deals Death Blow to Biden’s Final Push to Suspend Filibuster

President Biden supports getting rid of the filibuster in order to pass voting rights legislation, he said at the Atlanta University Center Consortium on Tuesday.

Activists pushed the president to change the filibuster after months of campaigning. Some members of his party are hesitant to change the rules.

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The RNC told the Commission on Presidential Debates on Thursday that it will require GOP presidential nominees to not attend debates run by the commission going forward. The RNC will initiate the process of amending the Rules of the Republican Party at our upcoming Winter Meeting to prohibit future Republican nominees from participating in the debates.

People are talking to Fox News about how they are being compared to terrorists.

Harris said in an interview with NBC News that the Biden administration will not give up on the issue of voting on Capitol Hill.

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The Duke of York is facing a civil trial in the United States, where he is accused of sexual offenses.

Student loan companies are accused of making predatory student loans and steering struggling borrowers into costly repayment plans. The accord with 38 U.S. states and Washington, D.C. requires the cancellation of over $1 billion of student debt by the company. In agreeing to settle, the company denied that it had broken any laws or caused harm to borrowers.


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President Biden used his Thursday remarks to charge unvaccinated Americans with unnecessarily prolonging a public health crisis now entering its third year.

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Michael Gableman's review of the 2020 election could be in jeopardy if the Assembly Republicans don't renewed his contract.

The Arizona senator's speech on Thursday clouded the Democrats' final voting rights push.

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Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker promoted a "mist" that he claimed would "kill any covid on your body" as the coronaviruses swept across the United States last summer. Walker did not name the product he claimed was FDA-approved, but he did say it was endorsed by Donald Trump. The Daily Beast reported.

The Senate's filibuster was rejected by Senator Sinema. Shortly before Biden was to meet with fellow Democrats in the Senate to urge them to unite around the idea and pass a law he said was critical to offsetting a wave of new restrictions on ballot access passed in Republican-led states, Sinema took to the Senate floor to reiterate her opposition.

Evidence shows that the omicron variant is less deadly than the prior COVID-19 strains, and one explanation is that the viruses always evolve to become less deadly over time. Theobald Smith proposed the idea of less lethal infections in the late 1800s. Smith's theory was that the pathogens would evolve to stop killing their human hosts.

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The House minority leader is desperate to stay in the good graces of Trump and the MAGA faithful with a potential speakership on the line.

Many in Africa's biggest economy have stayed connected via virtual private networks despite the government's decision to lift a ban on social media. The government's decision to end the restriction gave the Nigerian model their voices back. Osine said that it didn't really stop most of us from using the internet, but we can now use it freely.

Senate Democrats are trying to force a public showdown over their sweeping elections legislation, aiming to launch debate on a key party priority even though there is no assurance the bill will come to a vote. On the eve of President Joe Biden's visit to meet privately with Senate Democrats, the Senate's majority leader outlined a plan in a memo obtained by The Associated Press. The Democrats need a way to force a vote on the legislation, which is blocked by a Republican filibuster.


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The president and vice president went to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, to urge congress to pass voting rights protections. Some of his Congressional peers were not happy with one part of his speech.

US Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh said in a new interview with Yahoo Finance that the Biden administration's push to pass a $2 trillion spending bill still has a chance of succeeding.

An arrest affidavit states that a Florida woman was accused of a felony after throwing glitter at a man.