Eternals’ awful sex scene is kind of clever the second time around

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A lot of people think that the first sex scene in the MCU was in the film, but it is not true. Daredevil and the rest of the cast of the show helped lay the groundwork for Eternals, a show about superpowered sex. Eternals' sex scene is one of the movie's more clever ways of stating the obvious about how its story is going to end.

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There are many moments in Eternals that show how the Eternals grew to love and identify with humanity during the thousands of years they lived on Earth in varying degrees of secrecy. It doesn't take long for the Eternals to find themselves with enough downtime to develop interests in the Deviants, since they only have so many monsters to hunt down. Human stuff.

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Ikaris and Sersi are together.

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The film explores the idea of wanting to know one another in the biblical sense, and Sersi and Ikaris are two of the Eternals heroes who find themselves wanting to know one another. It seems like it might have been the case given how awkward the moment is, but Eternals doesn't explicitly say that romance and physical intimacy were things the Eternals learned about by watching humans.

The Eternals are led to believe that they are finally being given the freedom to pursue their own dreams, and Ikaris, the team's flying brick with laser vision, musters up to courage to tell Sersi, a soft-spoken mediator with transmutation powers. Though the Eternals are alien beings with their own ways of life, they are still in love with each other and end up naked on a sandy dune.

The lack of on-screen chemistry between Madden and Chan makes the characters' relationship less compelling than it could be, considering how important the scene is.

The pair are locked up in a sexual congress.

When the Eternals are brought back out of hiding by the Deviants, the world becomes a different place, and most of the Eternals have become different people. Sersi and the others are able to find happiness in their new lives and let their past selves go, but Ikaris is still steadfast in his commitment to their true mission, which only he and Prime Eternal Ajak are aware of at first.

Eternals is a busy film, so some of its ideas, like how power and authority are balanced on the actual team, get a bit muddled, but when a dying Ajak chooses Sersi to become the new Prime Eternal, the story's brushing up against the broadside of something

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Even though Sersi and Ikaris don't understand why Ajak would choose her to be the next Prime Eternal, her reasoning is pretty easy to grasp from watching Eternals' trailers. He is a superstrong living weapon who burns holes through things and she is a creator who expresses reverence and love for the material world. Eternals feels as if it is the most confident in its ability to bring something new to the table, a feature about a woman, when Sersi begins to piece together how and why she is the new Prime Eternal.

Eternals is like Justice League in that everyone comes together to fight one of their own. The Eternals are known as the villain of the movie who are willing to put the entire Earth in danger in order to complete their mission. In Eternals final act, Sersi and Ikaris are left as if they are about to die, and the movie cuts to a sequence in an attempt to make you feel what they are feeling.

People who have seen each other naked are not very good friends.

In Eternals, a sex scene from a big superhero fight might not play well with audiences, which is why it doesn't come up again in the movie. It feels telling that the two come across as very good friends rather than people who have seen each other naked. Eternals is already stuck in barely explained Cosmic lore and aggressive special effects, and none of its emotional beats really work, by the time it gets to this part of its story.

When you watch Eternals more closely, you can see that Sersi knew that her relationship with Ikaris wouldn't last. In a movie with so many moving parts, that sort of detail is something you really have to look for, but with Eternals now streaming on Disney Plus for everyone, Sersi knew just got much easier.