Herschel Walker is the ultimate dumb jock

As the University of Georgia celebrates its national championship, the greatest player is in the news for being dumb. It has been a great week for the team.

Herschel Walker, a Georgia GOP Senate candidate, appeared on Glenn Beck's show in the summer of 2020 and promoted a dry mist that could kill COVID-19.

He really said this dumb thing.

I have something that you can bring into a building that will clean you of Covid as you walk through this. Walker claimed in August 2020.

Walker said that it will kill any Covid on your body. This product will kill the virus when you leave.

The former sports legend turned politician hasn't confirmed if he's vaccine or not, so you wonder why we're still in a Pandemic. Walker has been a disaster in politics, as he has chosen to be pimped by Trump and the GOP, and this is just the latest example of why.

He is a great guy, he is a patriot, and he is a very loyal person. In June, Trump said that they love Walker in Georgia. Walker was drafted by Trump when he was the owner of the N.J. Generals in the USFL.

There are multiple allegations of acts of aggression against women, as well as over 20 allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump.

According to a recent report from CNN, Walker's ex-wife and ex-girlfriend have accused him of making threats, saying he would shoot them in the head. Their years-old accounts have resurfaced in recent weeks as Walker, who won national fame as a college football player at the University of Georgia, launched a campaign for the Peach State's battleground Senate seat. The third woman's account has not been reported before.

According to CNN, Walker's spokeswoman said the candidate "emphatically denies these false claims."

Walker is being set up for failure and he doesn't even realize it. He is running to oust the Democratic senator, who was once polling at 9 percent, but lost the election to him after his racist co-owner opened her mouth.

UGA has a better chance of repeating as national champ than Walker.