Cathay Pacific Lounge London Heathrow Reopens

Terminal 3 at London Heathrow Airport is looking nice.

The lounge is now open.

The first and business class sections have been reopened at the premium lounge. The lounge closed due to lack of demand and was reopened recently. The lounge is located in Terminal 3 near gate 11 and is open from 5 am to 5 pm.

Qantas reopened its London Heathrow Lounge, making it one of the best airports in the world for premium oneworld travelers. There are access requirements for the lounge of Cathay Pacific.

The lounge is for the first class of Cathay Pacific.

Terminal 3 is the biggest oneworld terminal at Heathrow and is home to a majority of British Airways operations. British Airways, Iberia, and most American Airlines flights are available from the terminal.

I love the first class section of the Cathay Pacific Lounge, it's my favorite lounge at Heathrow and I'm a oneworld Emerald member. The Qantas Lounge is a shared space for first and business class passengers.

The Qantas lounge is at the airport.

Right now, there isn't a flight to London from Cathay Pacific.

The lounge in London has been reopened by the airline even though it isn't currently flying to the airport. The airline was told to suspend flights to London due to the high number of imported coronaviruses.

The lounge is reopening to serve other oneworld guests. I think the economics work out so that this is the best option.

Even if the lounge is not open, the fixed costs for having the lounge, including rent, have to be paid by the airline.
I guess demand on oneworld carriers out of Heathrow has recovered to the point that Cathay Pacific believes that the revenue from serving partner oneworld guests will exceed the variable operating costs.

The lounge is for business class.

The bottom line.

Despite the fact that the airline isn't currently serving the airport, the lounge has reopened. The lounge is a great place for travelers departing from Terminal 3. It might be my favorite lounge in the world.

If you pass through the airport, show your love for Cathay Pacific by visiting the lounge. It is the closest most of us will get to experience Hong Kong flair.

Any OMAAT readers are interested in visiting the LHR?

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