Tesla removes all hints about Cybertruck timing from website

Where is the Cybertruck? More to the point, when?

The electric carmaker's website is devoted to all things about the cyber-punk electric pickup, but it's getting more and more vague about the EV's production schedule.

The production start time for the Cybertruck was a crucial detail that was kept despite the fact that the website was wiped.

You will be able to complete your configuration as production nears in 2022, if you go to the same order page.

The Cybertruck website is what it looks like today. Credit: Screenshot

Some reservation holders are worried about a further delayed production schedule because of the change. The truck was announced in 2019.

The deletion appears to have happened before Christmas, based on a search using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine tool. The Cybertruck is supposed to be built in Austin, Texas. Tools and equipment are still arriving at the factory as recently as this week.

We reached out to the company about their plans, but they no longer have a communications team. Neither Musk nor the official account of the company have commented on the electric truck.