Djokovic Admits To Doing Interview While Being Covid Positive, Fresh Questions Raised About His Positive Test

January 12, 2022, 02:28am

Tennis star Novak Djokovic admitted on Wednesday that he knew about his positive test for Covid-19 before taking part in a newspaper interview and photoshoot in Serbia last month.

The Australian Open will be held at Melbourne Park in the year 2022.

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The world's top-ranked men's tennis player apologized for making an "error of judgement" for not immediately isolating after his positive test and going forward with the interview.

On December 17th, a day after he tested positive, he received his positive test result, but he felt obliged to speak to the journalist the next day, as he didn't want to let the journalist down.

The tennis star said he wore a mask during the interview and only took his photographs when he was not present.

The error on his travel declaration form was the result of human error and his agency has apologized and provided additional information to the Australian government.

The 20-time grand slam winner said his statement intends to clarify misinformation and he will not be making any further statements out of respect for the Australian Government.

The Immigration Minister of Australia has yet to make a decision on using his special powers to cancel the visa of a tennis player.

There were new questions raised about the validity of the test results after the German news publisher reported some inconsistencies. The test document submitted to Australian authorities showed that the tennis star's sample was collected at 1:05pm local time on December 16 and that it was positive seven hours later. The Institute of Public Health of Serbia has a link to the document which shows it was time- stamped on December 26. This discrepancy is not present in the document that shows the negative test result. The result of the test was reported to be a negative when the first scans of the code were done. The publication took a second Scan of the QR code an hour later and displayed a positive test result. The test result was displayed as positive after a Scan of the QR code was carried out by Forbes. The Australian government is aware of the reported inconsistencies, but it is not clear if that will affect the immigration minister's decision on whether to cancel the tennis star's visa.

The key background.

The Australian Federal Court ruled in favor of the tennis player. The judge ruled that the cancelation of the tennis star's visa was unreasonable as he was denied adequate time to consult others on the questions raised by border authorities. Australia requires all foreign visitors to be fully vaccined against Covid-19. According to court documents, the Australian Border Force alleged that the unvaccinated man failed to provide enough evidence to get a medical exemption.

The results of a positive test may have been manipulated. The article was published in the magazine, "Der Spiegel."

Australia is considering a second Visa Cancelation, which is said to be under investigation by Djokovic.

The Australian visa saga continues.

The New York Times reported that the man admitted that his statement on the Australia Travel Document was false.

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