Viral Video Exposes Difference In Starbucks Workers' Salaries

If you have ever been to a Target, you know that Starbucks is located right at the entrance.

Artur Widak/NurPhoto is pictured.

Artur Widak/NurPhoto is pictured.

The coffee chain has more than 1,300 cafes in Targets across the country, giving it a larger footprint when it comes to reaching a broad customer base.

TikToker pointed out that Starbucks employees working in cafes inside of Target stores are technically Target employees, and that their salaries are up to the discretion of Target.

A Starbucks employee named Anna made a joke about the salary discrepancies in a video that has since been viewed 190,100 times.

Starbucks has a $29 drink that has baristas in a frenzy.

Anna sings along to a song that says "breaking my heart" in a video that reads "Corporate workers knowing Target Starbucks workers get $15/HR doing less work."

In the comments, many referred to the Target Starbucks locations as "Starbucks", giving their two cents and sparking a conversation about which variation of the coffee chain has better working conditions and options.

Breakin my heart - Jodeci's groupie.

One user wrote that Starbucks is 10 times better than Target and that they should work alone.

The original poster said that he liked getting paid more and his target starbucks was slow.

Some of the benefits that corporate workers can earn are listed in the original poster.

Starbucks customers are angry over menu item shortages.

Anna said that the free tuition is not good because you have to work 20 hours a week. I would rather have more money and health care.

Some commenters claimed to work for Starbucks at a rate of $17 per hour, while Anna said she only made $9.50 per hour before she switched to Target.

Starbucks announced in October that by the end of summer 2022, all employees in the U.S. will earn a minimum and maximum wage. By the end of this month, employees with two-plus years of employment will earn a 5% raise, and those with five-plus years of service will be eligible to earn a 10% raise.

The national average salary for a Target-located Starbucks barista is $13.36.

Target and other major chain stores have more than 15,200 Starbucks locations in the US.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the coffee chain was up 1.19% year over year.

The staff of entrepreneurs.

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