Halo Infinite is getting a hotfix for the game’s epic but frustrating 12-player matchmaking

The image is called "haloinfinitekeyartprimary" and it can be found on thecdn.vox-cdn.com.

Are you having trouble connecting to a big game of halo Infinite with a bunch of your friends? 343 believes it has a fix in hand for the core issue and will release a special hotfix for it. The developers wrote in an official post that they hoped it wouldn't be too much further out, but that they wanted to release it as soon as possible.

The best thing that has happened to me and my gaming friends in years is the newHalo Infinite. It doesn't matter if you're on a PC or console, the game's free cross- platform Big Team Battle mode lets you play as any team in the game.

It's possible, anyway. We twiddling our thumbs, waiting for a match to load, only for Microsoft's server to spontaneously disconnected a couple members of our fireteam because the matchmaking service can't seem to connect the dots. We got six of us together in matches, but the server split us up, even though we were all friends. One of us quit and another didn't make it into the game. The fireteam leader was banned when we quit in solidarity.

Can't wait for this to be fixed. Most of my group's favorite games require precisely 3, 4 or 6 players to work properly, so halo has been a breath of fresh air.

343 says it will be releasing a second patch in February that will address some issues with instances of cheating and may be related to the ranked experience.

I am hoping that once the Big Team Battle bugs are worked out, we can get some more variety in 12-player games.