Jan. 6 panel fires back at Jordan over refusal to cooperate

The House panel investigating the Capitol insurrection requested an interview with Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, but he turned it down. The American people are tired of Democrats' constant investigations and partisan witch hunts, said Jordan in a letter to committee chairman Bennie Thompson. Thompson told Jordan in a letter that the panel wants him to provide information about his communications with Trump.

In a letter, Jordan said that he has no relevant information that would assist the select committee.

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A legal challenge to Rep. Madison Cawthorn's reelection eligibility is based on a part of the 14th Amendment that was written to keep Confederate rebels out of Congress.

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I want to disappear into obscurity for the rest of my life. I want to stay away from politics and try to make up for my actions on January 6.

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His threats to election officials, school boards, and private businesses show that he wants to implement his ideas on the people of Florida.

The news: Trump, who endorsed Rounds in 2020, was responding to the South Dakota senator after he denied. You can subscribe for free.

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The 67-year-old Republican from South Dakota was called a "woke" by Trump.

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The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched its first TV ad on Sunday, attacking Sen. Ron Johnson, who announced on Sunday that he will run for reelection. Johnson pushed a law that benefited him financially and was described in the new ad as a self-serving politician.

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The panel has requested testimony from only one lawmaker so far.

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With the country polarised and Republicans embracing authoritarianism, some experts fear a Northern Ireland-style insurgency but others say armed conflict remains Protesters, with one wielding a Confederate battle flag that reads 'Come and Take It', clash with police at the US Capitol on 6 January 2021. Joe Biden spent a year trying to get America to go back to normal. The first anniversary of the deadly insurrection was last Thursday.