Jamie Dimon sees the best economic growth in decades, more than 4 Fed rate hikes this year

Jamie said the U.S. is about to have the best economic growth in decades.

During the 40th Annual J.P. Morgan healthcare conference, Jamie Dimon said that the company would have the best growth in its history. Next year will be pretty good as well.

Even as the Fed raises rates, growth will come, according to the CEO and chairman of JP Morgan Chase. The central bank is expected to raise rates four times this year, according to Goldman.

It is possible that inflation is worse than people think. I would be surprised if it was just four increases.

The underlying economy looks strong, but stock market investors may endure a tumultuous year as the Fed goes to work.

The market is not the same as before. The market is expected to have a lot of volatility this year as rates go up and people redo projections.

If we are lucky, the Fed can slow things down and we will have a soft landing.

The spread of the omicron variant of Covid-19 forced the bank to move its annual healthcare conference to a virtual format.

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