US State Department Starts Off 2022 With 16 New Travel Advisories

The U.S. State Department issued several new travel advisories this week.

The feeling is that the new year will carry on in the same way as the old, thanks to the fact that Omicron is already sweeping the globe and the knowledge that potential future COVID-19 variant of concern will likely continue complicating the world's recovery process.


The news that 16 countries were issued elevated travel advisories this week is not necessarily cause for concern.

The State Department has the most severe warning for travelers, 'Level 4: Do Not Travel'. A further four were given the statuses of Exercise Increased Caution and Reconsider Travel.

The destinations that were given a level 3 reconsider travel label on Tuesday are: Azerbaijan, The Bahamas, Kenya, Moldova, Nigeria, Romania, Sint Maarten and Suriname. Travel Off Path first observed that there are other factors that affect the risk levels in these countries.

There are warnings about levels of criminal activity in the region, what types of crime are being committed and the areas where they are typically concentrated in the Bahamas. There are additional warnings about the potential for civil unrest, terrorism and kidnapping in the region within the details of travel advisories.

Costa Rica, the Philippines, and the other countries were issued Level 2 of Exercise Increased Caution this week. The destinations that are assigned a moderate risk level indicate that they are safe for American travelers to visit.

The lowest caution of the four-tier advisory system is the one that gives Americans the green light to travel to a given destination, indicating that it is among the places on the globe that are considered least risky for U.

The CDC uses a four-tier system for its travel advisories, which is based on the risk levels in each destination.

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