Green Texts In IMessages Nudges Teens To Use IPhones

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EditorDavid posted on Sunday January 09, 2022, at 09:34PM from the peer-pressuring dept.

PolygamousRanchKid quotes a report from Apple Insider that says Apple's color-coding of text in green in iMessage is one of the reasons why teenagers switch to the iPhone. The use of green and blue to show whether a message is sent through iMessage or another device has become more than just a convenience indicator for users. It's a form of status indicator, showing the user that they can use features on the platform that others can't. Teenagers and students explain in a Wall Street Journal profile how seeing green messages is a negative for them if they don't have an Apple device. If the potential suitor used a mobile device, her friends and younger sister mocked her. His texts are green, and my sister said that was gross.

In the trial, Apple was accused of using its iMessage service to lock users into its system, with it being a serious draw to its users. Apple blocked the creation of an Android version of iMessage, according to statements by senior Apple management.

The Wall Street Journal wrote a piece about the green text bubble.