Carson Wentz collapses in Colts' embarrassing loss to Jacksonville

The Indianapolis Star.

The salary cap implications are unlikely for the Colts, but they could if they did.

The Indianapolis Colts are not going to the playoffs after back-to-back losses.

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Hunt has been out since he suffered an ankle injury in a win over the Ravens.

The Indianapolis Colts lost at Jacksonville 26-11 on Sunday in the "clown game", their seventh consecutive road loss to the Jags. The Colts were clowned. Jonathan Taylor was held to 77 yards and the Colts did little to stop the Jags.

In Week 18 of the season, the Jaguars pulled off an upset and kept the No. 1 pick in the draft.

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The Giants have been a flop this season.

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The Cowboys and Eagles both knew that they were in the playoffs, but they had different approaches, with Dallas playing its starters and Philadelphia resting most top players. McCarthy said after the game that he didn't think resting players was the right move. There is more.

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If the Raiders win, they're in. If the Bolts win, they're in. They are both in the playoffs if they tie.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars were looking to beat the Indianapolis Colts and fans were paying close attention to them.

The Indianapolis Star.

The Colts' loss to Jacksonville was one of the worst.

The Indianapolis Star.

The Colts need to make the playoffs after a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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The Colts are in trouble. Jacksonville was able to take advantage of their second turnover of the quarter when Wilson picked off the Colts quarterback near the sideline. Lawrence evaded the Colts pass rush and flipped a pass to the back.

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The time has come for the 18 non-playoffs team to leak their plans. There are plans to do this. Plans to not do that. Tentative positions are reached for strategic reasons and are subject to change. That is the most important thing to remember as you digest the flurry.