Worker dies while taking down Christmas lights in South Carolina town, officials say

The duplex in Philadelphia was the scene of a fire that was the worst in the city in more than a century.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Do not pay high power bills. It's genius. Power companies are furious with this program.

A search is underway for a missing California college student who disappeared after canoeing in the Pacific Ocean.

The Sun-Bulletin and Press connect.

A group of welders from New York were stuck in the remnants of a massive storm for 20 hours on I-95 in Virginia.

She was last seen swimming in a river. Three weeks later, she is still missing.

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Teddy Balking, a prep ice hockey player, died after he was cut with a skate during a game.

She and a co-conspirator pulled off the scheme in 24 states over seven years.

Steve Pankey was charged with the death of Jonelle Matthews, who went missing 36 years ago. "CBS Mornings" has a correspondent named Richard Schlesinger, who joins with the surprising details of his trial.

Few know that Amazon has millions of Prime subscribers.

After she was shot in the parking lot, Kandra Chatman is accused of setting several fires in a Family Dollar store.

The trooper tried to call an ambulance, but all the other ones were busy.

Police believe that Anthony Robinson used dating apps to lure his victims to their deaths and then took their remains to a shopping mall.

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Thousands of healthcare workers across the country are being cut loose for not submitting to a coronaviruses vaccine as hospitals across the country are turning to international nurses to fill staff shortages.

The Indianapolis Star.

Vaughxx Booker said two white men threatened to kill him. He is facing felony charges for the incident.

A close relative will adopt the infant son of the two sheriff's deputies who died by suicide.

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After 30 years served, William 'Roddie' Bryan has a chance to earn parole, while Greg and Travis McMichael were denied that chance.

"That's the hardest part, seeing the media's depiction of me after they discovered the internet," Ben said.

A faceless stranger who wants to do you and your family serious harm, knows exactly where you live, has stood outside your house, and taken note of the cars that are parked in your drive is a truly blood chilling thing.

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The show is all about secrets, the ones that the characters keep from the world, and the ones that the writers tease out for the viewers. The teenage girls of a soccer team survived 19 months in the wilderness after a plane crash. What scars did it leave on the women they are today? They've been getting haunting symbols in the mail. Is it the best chara?

The 6-year-old was found after being missing for 24 hours. People speak about the sweet nature of Amari.

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