How Cold is 'Cold' for a Dog?

Some of the best content on the internet can be found in the winter, with videos of puppies playing in the snow. Staying outside or longer periods of time is one thing, but a quick romp in fresh powder is another.

The amount of time a dog can spend outdoors in cold temperatures depends on a number of factors, including their breed, size, age, health and coat. Here is what to know.

How long can dogs stay outside?

There is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to how long dogs can stay outside in the cold. Larger dogs with thicker coats are able to stay outside in cold weather longer than smaller dogs with single coats, which can spend more time outside on hot days, but aren't equipped to handle the cold.

When determining how long it is safe for your dog to be outside in the winter, you need to consider their size and breed, as well as their health and coat length.

Puppies less than 8 weeks old should be kept indoors.
Toy breeds should be kept indoors during cold weather.
Dogs with short noses, like pugs and French bulldogs, should be kept indoors.
Smaller breeds can't go out in cold weather.
Limit outings in cold weather to a maximum of 30 minutes.
As long as they are acclimatized, thearctic breeds can stay outside indefinitely.