The media doesn't report on how large the crowd was for President Trump's speech at the Capitol on January 6.

The biggest crowd I've ever spoken before was the one I spoke before, according to an interview with One America News that aired on Wednesday.

Nobody ever shows the pictures of that.
I won't say the real number because it will be a headline. What number was the real number? Trump said something.

Christina Bobb said she knew what the former president meant when he said "sacred number."
The crowd at the rally was at least 10,000 when Trump told his supporters to go to the Capitol.

There was love that day. There was a lot of love during the speech.

January 7, 2022.

The former president made a number of false claims about the election.

That was anger over the rigged election that resulted in so many people going to DC. A tiny percentage went to the Capitol.

They went in large numbers because of that. The numbers of people are not covered by them. He said that they show the Capitol with a small percentage of people.

The largest crowd I've ever spoken to was never shown in helicopter pictures. I've never seen a crowd of that size.

Bobb said it was massive.

The former president has complained before about the size of the crowd not being acknowledged. He made similar comments in an interview with a British television station.

Trump is obsessed with crowd numbers.
The number of people attending Trump's inauguration was overstated by the media.

In an interview with OAN on Wednesday, Trump repeated his complaints that the media broadcast images of a meager crowd at his inauguration hours before it started, and insisted they continue to do the same.

On the first anniversary of the Capitol insurrection, Trump had planned to hold a press conference.