Finnair’s Quirky New Inflight Alcohol Ban

Finnair has instituted an alcohol ban on domestic flights after 5PM.

Finnair will not sell alcohol on domestic flights.

One of the reasons airlines stop inflight alcohol sales is the swine flu.

People keep their masks on for long periods of time.
The assumption is that alcohol makes people more aggressive.
To comply with government regulations.

Finnair has a new alcohol ban. Finnair will no longer sell alcohol on domestic flights after 5PM.

Finnair is suspending the sale of alcohol on domestic flights.

What is the logic? Restaurants in Finland are no longer allowed to sell alcohol after 5PM. Finnair suspended the sale of alcohol after the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland ruled that restaurant rules should apply to the airline.

Finnair has a status of 1479417396523843589.

That logic is questionable.

I don't envy the position health authorities are in with creating rules because it can be difficult to decide where to draw the line and logic isn't always consistent. This is one of those situations where you can't help but scratch your head, because alcohol sales being banned is totally minor.

The goal is to prevent partying and too much nightlife, and people are more likely to do that late in the day than early in the day.
It doesn't really apply to flights, so if you want to have a drink on a morning or afternoon flight, you can, but if you want to have a drink on an evening or late night flight, you can't.

Finnair planes are being treated like restaurants.

The bottom line.

Finnair can't sell alcohol on domestic flights after 5PM. The airline should be treated the same as restaurants for these purposes. You can't buy a drink at a restaurant after 5PM to prevent coronaviruses, and that's also being extended to flights.

What do you think about Finnair banning alcohol?

Ben is the founder of OMAAT.