Apple Announces Fitness+ Workout Collections and Time to Run

Collections and Time to Run for Apple Fitness+ are included in the expanded Time to Walk and Artist Spotlight suites.

Collections are a collection of workouts and meditations from the Fitness+ library that give users a new way to get motivated, remain consistent, and make progress with their sessions. A suggested plan to help users make intentional training choices over a period of several days or weeks is included in Fitness+ Collections.

At launch, there will be six Collections that provide a range of goals for users to strive to achieve.

The 30-Day Core Challenge is for 30 days.
You can improve your posture with the help of a teacher.
Your yoga poses are perfect.
Run your first race.
Stretch your hips.
It's better to wind down for a better night's sleep.

Time to Run is an audio running experience that helps users become better and more consistent runners. Time to Run focuses on a popular real-world running route in a notable or icon location.

The trainers on the team will give users coaching tips and show relevant photos as they run, accompanied by music. Each episode's Apple Music playlist has been tailored to match the intensity, location, and coaching style of each run.

London, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach will be the first three episodes of Time to Run. Time to Run will release a new episode every Monday.

Time to Run can be experienced outside or inside on a treadmill, and for Apple Watch users who use a wheelchair, Time to Run becomes Time to Run or Push.

Time to Run and Apple Fitness+ Collections will be available on January 10. The third season of Time to Walk will debut on the same day, as well as new Artist Spotlight workouts in the Fitness app, featuring music from Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, and Shakira.

Even though Mark Gurman suggested that Apple was going to launch a Time to Run feature in August of 2021, he has been correct about both features being included in the Apple Watch Series 7.